1.000 miles under the belt!!! Celebration time! Woohoo!

Yesterday: Ran 7.8 miles / 12.5 km - 1 h 7 minutes - weekend long / easy run

Today: Ran 6.3 miles / 10 km - total time 60 minutes - with Canicross group - interval with water stops for the dogs

It has been a weekend of trail running. No asphalt what so ever, just hitting the trails! I lalalalove the trails!

This is where I got my run in yesterday with runningbuddy A (she blogs at: http://annetsrunningsite.blogspot.com/):

Not bad, huh?

I was a bit scared of what my hip would do on yesterday's run. I skipped Thursday's run (45 min temporun) because of The Hip, and felt really bad about it. But I knew it was the more sensible thing to do. I stretched a lot and used ice packs on The Hip. And ofcourse used The Stick. And some sort of strange ointment. Don't know what was in it, don't want to know, but it did what it had to do.

Good news: The Hip actually didn't feel that bad on yesterday's run. It felt still a bit stiff and sore, don't get me wrong, but it was much better than on Wednesday's run. I'm still careful, but so glad that it feels better!
And today I went to our Canicross runninggroup practice! Fun! I had a lot of catching up to do with all the runners that returned from their holidays. Great fun and had a great run! Lordie and Diddy behaved like well-mannered little choir boys and I wore my lucky green runningskirt. What could go wrong? Exactly, nothing! :)

I'm the one in the pink shirt and green skirt and with the two gorgeous dogs ;)
Don't you just love weekend runs? :)

Last but not least (*tatatata!*): this Weekend's running brings me to a total of 1.003 miles for this year! In August! Over 1.000 miles under my belt! Really, in January this year I honestly never would have believed (not for a $1.000) that I could run this many miles in a year, let alone in 7 1/2 months! I've come such a long way, but loved every step of it. :) And I'm going to celebrate this tonight (yep, tacos and cocktails that is!)!
Question: What made you smile this weekend?


Leah B. said...

Great job on the accomplishment yay!! The pictures of the running trails are beautiful. You are very lucky! There's nothing like that around where I live (that I know of). I'm sure the trails are better on your joints than asphalt!


Awesome job! You are such a rockstar!

Becka said...

The trails look amazing! Big congrats on hitting the 1000 mile mark!

Run Jess Run said...

Great job accomplishing 1000 miles!! And I'm totally jealous of the the beautiful scenery!!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks girls! :) That's so sweet! :)

@ Leah I really do believe that the trails are easier on the joints. Might have to hit the trails more often and stay away from the asphalt for a couple of weeks. :)