Three Things Thursday

1. Trixie: Flat tire. Again (and nope: I didn't ride her since the tire (back one) was fixed last Friday). Enough said. Will be checking in at the bike shop - again - tomorrow. I've just had her for a couple of weeks: the tires should have been okay.

2. Hill Workouts: Treadmill. 15% incline. For 70 minutes straight, then another 7 1/2 minutes at 10% incline. It hurts. It really hurts. My quads are on fire and on strike at the same time. It should get me ready (or ready-ish) for those scary uphills, right? Right? Any advice on this one? How to train your legs for mountains when living in a country as flat as the Netherlands? The treadmill is my best bet at the moment...

3. Fundraising Team Hole in the Wall: Hit $ 6,045 this week with 4 months to go! That's 2 kids that will get the chance to go to one of the Hole in the Wall camps! How awesome is that! And guess what: I'm kicking it into gear to see if I can raise enough to help a third kid! Want to help? (Pretty Please!) The Team Hole in the Wall link in my sidebar will forward you to my fundraising page! :)


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - The 'bike porn' edition

Anyone looking for comfy cycling shorts for cross training days? Stop looking!

I'm pretty sure that I have found the perfect pair of cycling shorts: I'm in love with my new Scott Limited bib shorts! Too freaking comfortable! It's like wearing a onesie without the 'awkward looks' part. I actually considered ripping the pad out of the shorts, so I could wear it for running. Well, we'd already agreed that I'm the mayor of Nutso Ville, right?

Plus, these babies are sort of flattering (if you could even refer to cycling shorts as flattering...), and might be the only shorts that won't make me look like this:

What's your favorite piece of gear for cross training days?


Race photos 101 - How to mess up race photos by showing too much flesh

Last Sunday. A local ladiesrun. 5K. Considering the whole hassle with The Shin and the bone scan episode (and taking 2 weeks off from running because of that (I did cycle a lot)), I had decided to make a training run (5K @ 10K pace) out of it. Turned out to be a great idea. I had a blast! :)

But I did manage to mess up yet another set of race photos. Oh yeah. I'm still on a streak here!

So, let's name this post the 'How to mess up race photos by showing too much flesh' post.

Almost there. Nothing too bad going on in this picture. You are aware of the fact that 'less is more' is not in my handbook, right? Hence, the color combo. Note to self: check mirror before leaving the house. What might look good on paper, doesn't necessarily look good on moi...

Actually not that bad. Especially since this was taken just a couple of hundred meters before the finish line. I don't look at all 'beaten up'. :) But...I AM showing a heck of a lot of flesh. Uhm...yeah...I did NOT know that it was this bad... I'm pretty sure I've flashed half the town on that 24 minute run...and there were children spectating. I'm such a bad influence...

At the finish line. Showing even more flesh. Cover it up, woman! And that bruised spot on my quad...yep...that's the result of the 'couldn't get my feet out of the toe clips on my bike speedy enough' thingie...

The stats for this 5K @ 10K pace tempo run (Yeah, I'm slow. I know. Get over it.):

Name Silly Girl Running (Oh yeah! They let me register under my blog name!)
City Utrecht
Distance 5 kilometers
Category VSEN
Overall 38 / 1389
Category 21 / 719
Pace 12,371 km/uur
Bruto 24:25
Netto 24:15


It's not me. It's them. The cows.

Yesterday. A girl and a long run. A long long run. Not because of the mileage (only 20 miles / 32K), but due to the heat. And the humidity. Must have been at least 200%. And we all know redheads don't do well in heat. Enough said. (But boy, did it feel good to head out for a long run! Even the struggling because of the heat couldn't rain on that parade!).

*And yes, I was registered for a 52K trail ultra (yesterday), but opted to head out for a long run with my doggio. Just to see how my legs would hold up and to train Lordie for a marathon. Wise choice for once - I hope. Of course, it turned out to be too hot for him to be out running, so I got Lordie home and headed out solo. :(

In photos:

Yep, I'm wearing my hat backwards. And I look like a total geek. I know. Get over it.

Aaahhhh. Trails. :)

Hello, cowie! :)

Golf? Ha! I don't do golf. Mainly because I suck at it... Or at any other sport that involves 'balls' for that matter. (Any dirty minds out there? Zip it!)

Hat not backwards. Little less geeky.

Trails. :)

Hello, cowie! :) I'm not obsessed. Nope. Perfectly normal behavior.


Three Things Thursday and a bonus

1. Blogger: What's up with Blogger? I've lost my sidebar. Apparently. It's still there on the 'dashboard' page. Emailed them about it, but no answer yet. Any bloggers out there with the same problemo?

2. Lady McClumsiness: I fell of my bike during yesterday's ride. Haven't had any trouble with the toe clips in the last couple of weeks, but due to a bit of... well, a bit of 'me' actually...I couldn't quite work the toe clip on my right shoe when stopping for a car to pass. And fell over. Nothing to painful (besides a bruised quad...), but ever so embarrassing. And I had a flat tire, to top that one off (no due to the fall, by the way). Another trip to the bike shop? Yep, and they think I'm clumsy enough as it is. About that fall: don't want to talk about it. ;)

3. The Shin: For an update on my 'freak of nature' lower legs, please read yesterday's post on what the Sports MD had to say about it: here. It's a long one! ;)

3+. Fake cheese: Just found out that the 'La Vache qui Rit' cheese is high high high in calcium! Yay! Yet another reason to stuff my face with those yummy cubes! :)


Apparently it's just a matter of stuffing yourself like a turkey

...and the confusion continues. Be prepared for the longest post ever. ;)

Old Leggio

First, the legs. According to my Sports Doc the bone scan is inconclusive - for now. She explained to me that a hot spot isn't necessarily a stress fracture. Especially not when there aren't any other syptoms (mine showed up by surprise on a 'no pain here' leg). Apparently hot spots can appear right after a long long long run (I did a 40K 2 days before the scan) and are a sign of normal bone remodelling.

She also explained to me that stress on the connective tissue lights up on a bone scan, and that the same goes for a stress fracture that has recently healed. That's why she normally doesn't order a bone scan (my GP did) and opts for an MRI.

For now she says: run and cycle your butt off. Take the running by the day. I should watch my legs and phone her if and when I do get any symptoms. So, I will. And I will take it easy and mix up the running with a lot of cycling (according to a (ultra)marathoner I recently chatted with, several (ultra)marathoners add cycling to their training schedule to get less stress on the legs. I'll take it.).

Hello McFlurry

Second, food. And lots of it. The Sports Doc wants me to see a sports dietician. I'm the last person to call myself skinny, but she thinks my fat percentage is low-ish and my physique is quite skinny. Hmmmpfffff. And she wants me to be sure that I'm getting all the fuel my body needs. I figured 'I eat a lot, and lots of veggies', so I'm fine. Yeah, apparently that's not enough. The sports dietician has some kind of percentage-chart to work out my diet. I'm scared. ;) That she tells me to stop drinking alcohol and stop eating chocolate cake, that is. ;)

Plus, the Sports Doc wants to figure out whether or not I'm okay on my calorie-intake. I'm at 2500-2700 a day, I guess. She says 'at least 3500 for long distance runners'. Uhm...sounds like a lot to me! She didn't applaud my suggestion to add ice cream and cupcakes to my diet. Bummer! ;)

So, like any sane girl would do, I spent the night on Google. :) And found this:

"Inadequate nutritional intake is more common in female athletes than in their male counterparts. Proper diet is paramount for active individuals to maintain adequate energy during physical activity and for postactivity recovery."

and this:

"Component Summary
Dietary components include macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) and micronutrients (fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals). Specific requirements are presented in the Table in the Summary of Nutritional Requirements and Sources section.



Carbohydrates are necessary to meet energy needs, more so in endurance athletes than in strength athletes.
Carbohydrate needs are commonly based on the athlete's body size and activity level. Individuals engaged in moderate-duration, low-intensity exercise require 5-7 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. By contrast, those participating in long-duration and high-intensity exercise require 7-12 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight (see the Table).
Fruit, vegetables, brown rice, enriched whole-grain breads, whole grain cereals, rolled oats, beans, legumes, and sweet potatoes are good examples of healthy carbohydrate foods.


Active individuals have a heightened protein requirement because they have a high percentage of lean muscle mass to support, they need protein to repair muscle tissue that is damaged during exercise, and they require additional protein for energy during exercise.
The amount of protein required depends on the type of activity being performed. Researchers recommend protein intakes of 1.2-1.4 g/kg/d for individuals participating in endurance sports and 1.6-1.8 g/kg/d for those involved in anaerobic activities (see the Table).

Benefits of substituting carbohydrates with protein include the following:
•Enhanced weight loss
•Reduction in truncal adipose tissue
•Optimal maintenance of blood glucose levels
•Improved lipid profile

Protein-rich foods include lean pork and beef, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, and low-fat dairy products. Women at risk for having a low protein intake are those who restrict their energy intake to achieve weight loss or those who eat a vegetarian diet.
In the past, some investigators expressed concerns that a high-protein diet can cause renal damage. However, no conclusive evidence suggests that a high-protein diet negatively affects healthy adults with normal renal function. In addition, some researchers have raised questions about whether a high-protein or low-carbohydrate diet may increase the all-cause mortality risk in women. Further research is necessary to determine if this is the case.


Fat provides essential elements for the cell membranes and is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Fat should account for 25-30% of a person's energy intake. Diets should be limited in saturated and trans-fats, while providing adequate amounts of essential fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid). In women, the following intakes are advised (see the Table):

•Linoleic acid intake 11-12 g/d
•Alpha-linoleic acid intake 1.1 g/d

Functions of essential fatty acids include regulation of blood clotting, blood pressure, heart rate, and immune responses.
Dietary fatty acids should come from naturally lean protein foods, nuts, seeds, nut butter, fatty fish (eg, salmon, trout), fish-oil supplements, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, avocados, and egg yolks. Women should avoid consuming fats found in processed foods because of their highly saturated nature.
Low-fat diets are not recommended for active individuals. Low-fat diets decrease energy and nutrient intake, reduce exercise performance, and decrease oxidation of body fat stores. Fat provides the most energy per gram of all the macronutrients and can help in achieving a positive energy balance. Dietary fat maintains concentrations of sex hormones and may prevent menstrual disturbances.


Fluids and electrolytes

Dehydration impairs performance; therefore, athletes must remain well hydrated. Adequate fluid intake is approximately 2.2 L/d for women aged 19-30 years, and increased drinking is required for active individuals or those in hot environments (see the Table).
Athletes should consume 400-600 mL of fluid 2 hours before exercising. During exercise, 150-350 mL (6-12 fluid ounces [fl oz]) should be ingested every 15-20 minutes. For exercise lasting longer than 1 hour or occurring in hot environments, the fluid should be a drink containing carbohydrates and electrolytes.[6] Postexercise meals should include fluids and foods containing sodium, because diuresis occurs with the ingestion of plain water.

Vitamins and minerals

Female athletes are at increased risk for iron, calcium, vitamin B, and zinc deficiencies. These nutrients are vital for building bone and muscle and for energy production. Vegetarians are particularly at risk for developing deficiencies in these vitamins and minerals.
Iron insufficiency is one of the most prevalent nutritional deficiencies among the female athlete because of menstrual losses (see the Table). Iron deficiency may lead to fatigue. Ferritin values are commonly used to reflect iron stores; however, their reliability in the female athlete is questioned.

Excessive iron ingestion may also cause problems, including gastrointestinal distress, constipation, and iron toxicity."

and this (this is the last one: promise):

"Energy Needs
Total daily energy expenditure (TEE, TDEE)

A female athlete's TEE is calculated by using the following equation:

where REE is the resting energy expenditure, PAL is the physical activity level, and TEA is the thermal effect of activity. Various means exist to estimate REE, PAL, and TEA.
Resting energy expenditure (REE)

Calculations of REE that are conducted in a laboratory by means of indirect calorimetry are the most accurate.

An alternative is the use of equations that incorporate anthropometric variables. The Harris-Benedict equation is most commonly applied to athletes. This equation is as follows:

REE = 655 + (9.5 X weight) + (1.9 X height) – (4.7 X age)
where REE is given in kilocalories (kcal) per day, weight is in kilograms (kg), height is in centimeters (cm), and age is in years (y).

Physical activity level

The PAL value can be determined by using accelerometers, heart-rate monitors, activity diaries, or self-reported activity estimates. Depending on their occupation and daily activities, female athletes may be considered to be moderately to extremely active (ie, have PALs of 1.6-2.5).
Thermal effect of activity

The TEA is calculated as follows:

TEA = weight X duration X METs

where TEA is expressed in kcal, weight is in kg, duration is in hours (h), and METs are the metabolic equivalents of the task being performed, in kcal/kg/h.

METs are found by consulting the Compendium of Physical Activities — a coding scheme developed by Ainsworth et al that classifies specific physical activity by rate — and are determined by dividing the metabolic rate during activity by the metabolic rate at rest. A MET value of 1 is defined as 1 kcal/kg/h, which is approximately the energy expended when a person is sitting quietly. Different physical activities are associated with different MET values. For example, weight lifting is equal to 6.0-8.0 METs."

Heck of a lot of info, but it IS quite interesting. Lot of it is a no-brainer actually, but there is some info in there that I did not know of. Worth reading for every recreational female athlete/runner, in my opinion. For what that's worth. ;)

Guys, stop reading

Third, my 'baby machine'. Any guys out there reading this? You might want to stop reading now. As in, NOW! If you don't, and think I'm a freak after this, I did warn you!

What the Sports Doc also told me (the Redhead will understand!) is to stop taking my birth control pill for the time being. Why? Not because she wants me walking around with a huge pregnant belly. Nope. She wants to see if the baby machine will still work without the birth control pill (have been taking it since I was 16 - because I had awful migraines). There are no signs that it wouldn't work (that's what she said), but she still wants to rule out any signs of amenorrhea. Better safe than sorry. I kind of like her 'better safe than sorry' kind of approach.

So, that's the story. For now. I'll just take this thing by the day. :) Please feel free to share any thought on nutrition, etcetera!


Tango Tuesday

My most recent addition to 'the running playlist'. Can't stop pushing 'repeat' on this song. Yep...this retainer has turned me into a teenager all over again. Where's the cherry lipgloss? ;)


And yet another dress: Patagonia Running Dress Review

A couple of weeks ago I posted a review on the Moeben Running Dress. Love. That. Dress.

And nope, I'm not cheating on my beloved Moeben Running Dress, but I did try out the Patagonia Draft Dress. The dress retails for $70. The Patagonia website states that the dress is one step up from running naked. Oh yeah!!! :)

Trail Running Galore

The Patagonia Draft Dress is designed for trail running, as is the Moeben Dress. But, in my opinion, it works as great on the road as it does on the trails.


It's a flowy dress (that might have to do with the fact that I sized up: it's no secret that I'm not a fan of tight fitting running gear...). I like the not too tight fit. :) I wear a size Small in this dress. According to their sizing chart I should have gotten an X-small, to give you an idea of the fit. And this dress is comfy. Promise. :)

FYI: as with the Moeben dress...unless you want to go commando, I'd suggest you wear shorties underneath this dress. ;)

And I'm flashing my armpit again. ;)


100% Polyester. Eco-friendly. Quick-drying. Plus, 15-UPF sun protection (Love. That!). The dress has polyester mesh panels on each side and on the back to keep you dry. However...it didn't exactly keep me dry. After a 10 mile run a couple of weeks ago, I was soaked. As in 'wet t-shirt contest' soaked. And it wasn't even a particularly hot day. And nope, my 'sweat level' wasn't higher than normal.

Don't get me wrong. This dress is comfy. And it looks cute. But - on me - it did get soaking wet on a short 10-miler. I would still wear it for shorter runs or on colder days (or when going for a walk or drinks: this dress looks cute!), though. :)


I'm so darn sexy

...or gangsta.

Either way, there's the 'bling' to prove it. ;) (And yep, I'm being sarcastic here ;))

Because of one broken retainer, and one gappy tooth because of that (tiny gap, nothing too bad), I now have to wear this sassy little number till mid August. In the evening and during the night that is, but still...I feel like a teenager again. And I'm loving it! Ha! :)


I'd like you to meet a very special someone

Trixie. :)

The single way to keep this frustrated runner sane at the moment. :) Isn't she pretty? :) And look, I even caved and got myself a pair of cycling shoes (brand: Scott: love that brand!). Still have to learn how to fix a flat tire, tough. ;)

As for the shin: I'm now waiting for the advice of the Sports MD. Will be calling them again on Monday to hear whether or not they came up with a plan. And yes, I'm still totally pain free. I can hop around on the leg without pain. Yep...weird.


I interrupt this Three Things Thursday for...

...I don't know what actually.

This whole 'I have no pain in a leg, nor had any in the past, but they found a 'hot spot' on a bone scan while looking for something else' has taken me down mentally. Saw another Sports MD today that agrees that the whole thing is weird and doesn't make any sense. Plus, she told me she isn't a fan of bone scans to begin with, and would go with a CT-scan any day. She's checking it with another Sports MD and will let me know when she finds something out. For now, cycling it is. Hope to be my normal 'hyperactive' self by tomorrow. Sorry. :)


Wordless Wednesday - The Naked Truth

The scan. Outcome: shin splints on the left leg (larger white spot) and signs of SF (small white spot) on the right leg. Note that I never had any pain in the right leg, and still haven't. Now my MD says that even a healed SF will continue to show up on a bone scan for months. I honestly don't know what to do know and who to believe... Plus, for the first time in years it makes me want to cry.


Things I don't get & Lessons learned

Things I don't get

My left shin (shin splints) feels 100% better. Yay. That I DO get.

What I do NOT get. The right shin, that apparently has a SF in it, still doesn't hurt (knock on wood). No pain when touching it. No bump on the shin. Even my Sports' MD and Sports' PT don't get it. At least, when you actually feel pain, you know when it's getting better. I don't. Not at all. And it's frustrating and makes me scared to even try running when I'm allowed to again. What if the shin snaps out of the effing blue when coming down a mountain?

Lessons learned (on this weekend's cycling sessions):

1. Cycling 32 miles a day - coming from a 3 mile base - will make your lady parts hurt. Enough said.

2. Cycling is fun. Seriously. :)

3. It doesn't really matter whether you're running in a skirt or cycling in a pink cycling jersey, the honking continues. That is, when on a bike, the honking actually scares the shit out of me! At one point I actually figured I must have been on the wrong side of the road or something.

4. Uphills will make your quads hate you.

5. A GPS on your bike is a godsend. No kidding. Especially with my navigation skills.

6. Wearing a helmet for 2 hours straight will give you helmet hair. Please check mirror before rushing out the door to meet a friend for drinks...

7. Moeben arm sleeves work as great on a bike as they do on a run.

8. Cycling is actually fun. Oh, I already said that? ;)


Confessions of an injured runner: I'm a wimp

I'm a wimp. No kidding.

One of the few things I am allowed to do with The Shin (not the shin that actually hurts. Nope...the shin that doesn't hurt at all and apparently has a SF...I'm a bleeping freak of nature), is cycling. And since I had already been looking for a bicycle for a couple of months now, this seemed the perfect time to get that plan going. So I did. I found Trixie last Saturday ( - yeah, I named my bike Trixie. Get over it.). [no worries, I will properly introduce her to you soon!] And went out for my first ride on Trixie yesterday (51.5K of hills) and for another ride today (48K of hills). And loved every minute of both of these rides.

However, I carefully avoided all the 'might be slippery' bits of the road today. Why? Because I'm a wimp. I'm afraid I'll crash and break something all the time (then again, apparently I don't need to actually crash to break something...). Okay...and it might have something to do with me spending several hours on YouTube last night, searching for 'how not to crash on a bicycle'. Guess what came up in the results? Correct, lots and lots of clips of crashes. After watching this one, I'm ready to wrap myself in bubble wrap.... That wouldn't be weird, right? Right?

Any advice on this one? ;) (And nope 'stop spending several hours on YouTube' won't help. ;))


Leave me the bottle

Bone scan results came in today.

Remember, my left shin was playing the ouchie ouch game with me? Well, there's just a slight shin splints going on in that leg. Relieved. :)

However, apparently there are signs of a stress fracture (or having bumped into the same little table over and over again in the last couple of weeks - fracture) in my right tibia (shin). The leg that doesn't hurt or cause any discomfort at all. What the what! You have got to be kidding me! The MD said it might be a stress fracture that is already healing, or it might be one that is prepping himself (it's got to be a 'him' ;)) to become one.

The MD and Sports PT both told me that they had never heard of a stress fracture and no pain in the leg whatsoever. Fan-effing-tastic. Weird thing is that my MD told me that his treatment for stress fractures in runners is: start running / slow jogging again when you're absolutely painfree. My Sports PT told me the same. However, he advised me to cross train my brains out for two weeks and come in for laser therapy twice a day, and take it from there. 'Better safe than sorry' is what he said. I'm going with his advice. And will be putting some miles on my bike in the next two weeks. And yep, I'll take it from there.

For the time being, this is my way of treating a stress fracture. Leave me the bottle.


Three Things Thursday

1. The Shin: I truly hope the results of the bone scan will be in tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Scared sh#t, though, that they come back telling me there's something bad going on in The Shin. :(

2. What? How old am I?: I had braces as a kid (11 year-old). Had them for two years. Then had a retainer placed behind my front and lower teeth to prevent the teeth from moving around again. Two years ago the retainer behind my front teeth broke. My dentist fixed it. Or at least, he said he had fixed it. Turns out, it was never fixed correctly. So, one of the teeth started moving around a bit, resulting in a gap (2-3 millimeters). Yup. I need a new retainer. The orthodontist adviced me to wear a Invisalign brace thingie for 3-6 months to fix the gap. Hmmm...and I'm kind of okay with the gap. Just don't want it to get worse. But, okay, I agreed to check this Invisalign thingie out. Guess what: you need to wear the thing for at least 22 hours a day (you need to take it off to eat) and are not allowed to drink sports drink or choke down GU when it's in. How the heck am I supposed to do my long runs? Not an option? Any thoughts?

Photo courtesy: Invisalign

3. Zzzzzzzzzzz: It's crazy busy at work. At this point I truly believe that everyone wants to go to court before their summer vacay. Keeps me going, and might drive me insane. Or already did. Either way, I'm tired. And that won't help The Shin in the whole healing process...


The things you'll do for the long run

I glow in the dark.

Well, not really, but I was injected with some radio-active cocktail thingie, so - in a sci-fi movie - I should be able to glow in the dark at this very moment. Not to mention that I was instructed - by the MD herself - to not let others pee on the same toilet as I am using for the next 24 hours. Hehehe. Kind of funny.

Okay, on a more serious note, today I was scheduled for a bone scan. To check whether or not there's a stress fracture going in in my lower legs and feet. Yes, I figured they would only need to check The Shin, but the MD figured 'why not check legs, knees and feet while we're at it'. Better safe than sorry, I guess. :) I hope the results are ready this Friday. If not, it might be Tuesday before I hear anything from the MD.

As for what a bone scan is (in case you didn't already know):

"A Bone scan or bone scintigraphy is a nuclear scanning test to find certain abnormalities in bone which are triggering the bone's attempts to heal. It is primarily used to help diagnose a number of conditions relating to bones, including: cancer of the bone or cancers that have spread (metastasized) to the bone, locating some sources of bone inflammation (e.g. bone pain such as lower back pain due to a fracture), the diagnosis of fractures that may not be visible in traditional X-ray images, and the detection of damage to bones due to certain infections and other problems." (source: Wikipedia)

And it looks like this:

I've had CT scans, X-rays, etcetera tons of times for my kidneys, so I didn't feel nervous about this scan - at all. However, the stuff they inject you with makes this scan a whole different ball game. The scan took about 1 1/2 hours and didn't hurt, but it did leave me feeling tired. Like, I've just finished a marathon tired. Without the 'burned enough calories to eat your weight in chocolate' part. Not that that will keep me from actually eating my weight in chocolate and marshmallows tonight. :)

I'll be hitting the sack early tonight. :)


Review: Moeben running dress

This dress is something else.

No kidding.

[Warning: crappy phone pics coming up]

Abandoning skirthood?

I'm a running skirt kind of girl. Plus, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the runningskirts.com running skirts. However, I'm open-minded enough to try a different brand once in awhile. And - this time - I'm glad I did! (Not that I'm not a fan of the runningskirts.com products anymore: it's just that I realized that there's more great stuff out there! :)).

So, nope, I'm not abandoning skirthood. ;) But I can't promise you that I won't wear this dress on a huge portion of my long runs. :)

The fit

I send Moeben my measurements (size 2, 5'9''), and I received a size M running dress. According to the Moeben website their size M is a women's 2-4.

The fit is very baggy on me. See photos below. My waistline is somewhere underneath there. So, the first thing that came to mind after putting the dress on, was 'I should have gotten a size S or smaller'. Especially since the runningskirts.com running dress (the only dress I could compare it with) is pretty snug. (Keep reading, though!)

Told you so: crappy phone pic.

Yeah, I'm flashing my arm pit. I know. Get over it.

But...when taking the dress for a 10 mile spin (a.k.a. 6 miles on the road, followed by 4 miles of 15% incline hill work on the treadmill), the fit turned out to be ab-so-lu-te-ly perfect. For me, that is. :) I like the shirts I run in to be baggy. I don't like fabric being all icky sticky (that is a word.) around my waist. This running dress is nice and flowy. Loved the fit of it on a run in hot summer weather! :)

The dress has a little pocket on each hip. Will hold up to two Gu packets (but I suck at packing, so you might get more Gu packets into each pocket :)), and Ipod, house keys, etcetera.


83% Polyester/17% Spandex. Plus, UV 50 protection. I like that! :) As for prints: I got the camo print. On the Moeben Facebook page I spotted several other prints.

Going commando

Well, obviously this running dress doesn't have built-in panties. I pair them with a pair of Icebreaker performance Pace Hipsters. Match made in heaven. :)

In love?

In love! This dress is everything I had hoped it to be, and more! Plus, Moeben's customer service is amazing. Truly amazing! Huge thumbs up for Moeben!!!


Foto Friday

Too much? Nope. No such thing.

What did you expect me to wear when heading over to the gym to spend some time on a bicycle? ;) I had to make it kind of fun. ;)

And yes. I'm only smiling for the camera, not because I'm looking forward to cycling. Just for the record.


Three Things Thursday - Quickie version: Favorites of the moment edition

Today is a holiday in the Netherlands, so, I spent most of the day lounging around in the garden. Just enough time left for a quickie version of Three Things Thursday. :)

1. Feet:
I've recently rediscovered how great one of those herbal foot baths is. If you haven't already, try it! Makes your feet and legs feel 100% less tired. :)

2. Drink: Throw some crushed ice, skimmed milk, protein recovery powder, and instant chocolate milk powder in your blender. Blend it. Best. Recovery. Drink. Ever. :)

3. What's on the Telly?: This has nothing to do with running. And this is a blog about running. But, give me a minute to share this: Bones. I love that show. And now Bones is pregnant. And Booth is the father. What the what? I'm intrigued! When does the next season start (lacking patience, I'm not a huge fan of spoilers ;)).


May Recap / Stats

Miles / Km planned / ran: 140 miles / 224 km planned 154 miles / 246.4 km ran - bit more due to Swiss Alpine Marathon training (Back-2-back weekend)

Rest days planned / taken: 10 / 11 - Took an extra rest day after the Edinburgh Marathon

Highest mileage / km week: 9/5 - 15/5 : 50.1 miles / 80.2 km

Long runs planned / ran: 4 / 6

Pace / speed work outs planned / ran: 3 / 3 (Because a marathon still counts as a pace work out in my book....)

Cross training work outs planned / done: 6 / 6

Donuts burned: 102.5

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Drinking way too many Starbucks Chocolate (skimmed milk ;)) Frappucinos. It's calcium, right? Need calcium for the ol' bones. :)

Current obsession: Stalking Google: need all the info on lower leg problems and stress fractures. :(

Current drink: Still fennel tea, water and diet coke. And Gatorade. Still boring.

Current song: P Diddy - Coming home.

Current need: Sleep. And my body to stay on track. Bloody shin.

Current triumph: Getting 20 minutes of my marathon PR within 51 days. I heart Edinburgh Marathon. :)

Current bane of my existence: My left lower leg: shin. And being scared sh#t of what the outcome of the bone scan will be. Enough said.

Current blessings: A perfect marathon at the Edinburgh Marathon on May 22nd.

Current excitement: New 3:50:33 marathon PR. Enough said. :)