The world according to Silly Girl Running

Most chaotic post ever. 

February. Sweet February. 


Goofy? Goofy was fun. A lot of fun. I am still working on the report, and will post that as soon as possible. 

Apart from that. I am still very much into running. Last year was a pretty crazy year, setting PR after PR and training my butt off (quite literally). 

This year - at least the first couple of months of the year - I plan on taking it easy. No 5-hour long runs every other weekend. No 60-70 mile training weeks. Marathon training: yes. Ultra training: yes. But just a little less insane than last year. Ultras: yes. Marathons: yes. Just not as much as last year. Oh, and mountain ultras. I absolutely love those. The ultras and the mountains.


Plus, I have my own firm now (I do need to spend time on that) and there's some stuff going on (not the kind of stuff you'd like to post on a running blog - I have another blog for that) - so, I plan on spending some time 'soul searching'. No, stop it - not like that. The fun kind of soul searching. The 'there are so many things I enjoy' kind of soul searching. 

I did learn of what has been going on in the last couple of months. And I am not the type of girl that feels comfortable staying on a well travelled path. I like the winding and twisting trails that lead you away from the well travelled path. The ones that take you to this secluded spot in the middle of a forest. 

I'm exploring my options here, ya know. Some say I have the attention span of a goldfish. Well, I kind of disagree with that. When I find something I enjoy, I usually stick with it. It's the whole 'path well travelled' thing that's the key here. Rebel? Hardly. Unconventional? Probably.

Oh, and my thirtieth birthday is in less than two weeks. Thirtieth. As in '3-0'. You're all invited. That might have something to do with the whole 'soul searching' thing. I don't know.

What I do know?

If you would have asked me ten years ago, what my life would look like at 30, I would have given you the following answer. Without a doubt I would have answered, that I would be working at a huge international law firm, specialized in mergers and acquisitions. Also, I would have married some hot shot work-a-holic after meeting him at University or right after, and would have already given birth to the first one of our four kids. Oh, and of course we would be living in a huge town house. With a chocolate lab running around. Driving an Audi or BMW station wagon. Playing golf with clients. Horseback riding on weekends. Heading over to the Swiss Alps for skiing holidays in winter. Stop laughing. Yes, without a doubt that would have been my answer. And, since most of my friends from high school and university are now leading that exact life, it wasn't too weird of me to believe that. I think. Funny enough - till I'd turned 24 I was actually right on track. That was until I started making decisions mostly from the heart rather than the mind. My twenty yo self was convinced that this was the path to happiness. The path I was supposed to travel. One could say 'a path well travelled'.

But guess what? Here I am. Nearing 30. As single as they come (and quite content being so). A self employed lawyer. Specialized in Estate Law. Runner - I suck at golf. Driving a Subaru (a car that knows the mountains and doesn't mind my dog's muddy paws). Yeah, I do have a dog - a standard poodle. And I do live in a town house, although not huge. One of those historic ones. With beams. Plus, although I have always loved the mountains, I have now given myself the chance to fall truly madly deeply in love with them, and not just visit them for skiing. And yes, I do love to ski. Climbing a mountain and taking in the scenery on top of that mountain was not part of the perfect '20 yo' picture. And guess what? I'm pretty darn happy at the moment. Who knew?

As for the last couple of years - I'm not going to lie. Life has been throwing rocks at me. That love for the mountains comes in handy, though. Mountains come with rocks. Ha! I'm used to stepping over rocks. Climbing over them if I have to. If they prevent me from sticking with the fun winding path I'm following. Just in case, I do plan on signing up for climbing lessons asap, though. Might come in handy for bigger rocks (fingers crossed). Plus, I still have that climbing the Matterhorn thing on my bucket list. Climbing the Matterhorn - also something that wasn't part of the perfect picture. 

So, there you have it: The World According to Silly Girl Running. Completely off the path well travelled. Skipping along a twisting, winding, muddy, slippery and 'what the heck' path. You should check out the view here, though: it's pretty darn amazing.