Don't you just love getting your new runningskirt in the mail?

Love it!

And have you seen their new fall/winter collection preview yet? Too cute to handle! Have I gone to runningskirts heaven?
In case you haven't seen the preview yet; here's the link:


Becka said...

YES!! I do!! And you know what's funny is I have the SAME skirt in my bag to wear on my afternoon run :D Great minds think alike!! (I have received 4 in the mail this week. Must stop buying...)

RunningRonald said...

It looks great on you! btw, the blue ouftit on 1:01 in the movie is also very cool!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka: Great minds think alike...hahaha; heck, yes! :) We need to go to runningskirts rehab. ;)

@ Ronald: is een leuk merk dat Runningskirts.com. Heb inmiddels ook al 1 man bekeerd. :) Yep, een man! :)