About me

Redhead literally running through her thirties.

Mom. And trying to figure out how not to suck at motherhood.

Absolutely crazy about my dog and two cats.

Neurotic lawyer.


Would lalalalalalove to run ultras as often as possible. As often as this body lets me. Middle of the pack or not. Just being there is 100% of the fun.

Boston Qualified in 2012. That's one I can check on the old bucket list.

Swapped my addiction to high heels for an addiction to running shoes.

Just waiting for the road to lay out its plans for me.

Want to know more? Here's 75 random things about me. Random.

Silly girl running.

Any questions? Do you want me to do a review on your product? Please contact me at sillygirlrunning[at]hotmail[dot]com.

The lead pack: