Twelve for Tuesday: Getting ready for Autumn running - the what to wear edition!

Ran: 2.6 miles (treadmill) + 2.7 miles (road) / 10 km - 60 minutes - easy run

Weather is getting colder in Holland. This week will be OK for this time of year (at least, that's what the weather report says), but Autumn is definitely on its way. And therefore it's time to stock up on Autumn running gear! Yay! Shop 'till you drop, shop 'till you drop! Yeah, yeah, I know, you might be wondering if I don't already have enough running gear bursting out of my closet. Well, ofcourse I have some Autumn ready running gear, but, hey, with a minimum of 35 to 40 miles a week, I can't be wearing the same outfits on and on, can I? ;) See, I really have no choice but to treat myself to some new running gear! :) I haven't made my mind up yet on what to purchase, but just look at these twelve things I love!

1. I already have this cute pale yellow Nike long sleeve in black and the fit is just amazing! Wardrobe staple for autumn!

2. Love the colour and shape of this Adidas one.

3. I'm not really sure about the shiny fabric, but I like the colour and shape of this Nike jacket.

4. Love the colour of this Nike t-shirt!

5. They also have this Nike Long Sleeve in pale blue; I think I like that colour better. Boobieswise the colour is a bit weird on the pink one. But that's just me. ;)

6. Yep, I know, these are shorts. But I kind of like them for muddy autumn Canicross runs with my dogs. No risk of ripping the fabric when I trip and fall face down in the mud. Wouldn't want to ruin my precious runningskirts!

7. I'm in love with this one! This Nike Livestrong jacket is just 'groovy'! Makes me wonder how it fits. Doesn't look like a fitted running jacket.

8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. All from the new RunningSkirts.com fall/winter collection. Love it! Just love it! Does a girl ever have enough runningskirts? ;)

If you could pick just one item from the list of twelve above, which one would it be?


T said...

Never enough running skirts! I'm considering buying the Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra, but I find it hard to justify the price ($70 with shipping).

My favorite running jacket ever is a Nike one, a lot like #3 but not shiny. I've had it for several years and I wear it to death in the cold weather - so far it's held up well, but I should probably look around for a new one. Hmmm... maybe at the marathon expo!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

If I looked this the girls while I was wearing my Running skirt then my choice would be one of the arglye skirts BUT I don't know look as cute so I would choose the YELLOW tee. I LOVE THAT COLOR!!...and then I'd still need to have something else for cooler days, see BINGO! more shopping! ;-)

Becka said...

I love all the bright colors!! I agree, I'm looking forward to cooler weather. And I cannot CANNOT wait for the runningskirts line to come out... I have the blue/purple argyle and brown flowery skirt on order. :D

Annet said...

hahah just one item, duh !!! haha, I think the shiny fabric is the one for you!! love to go running gear shopping with you! and one item, get real!

Run Jess Run said...

I like the color of #1 and actually own a similar Nike half-zip in pink. I like to wear it with shorts when it's not warm, but not cold, either.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ T: Oh yeah, the marathon expo! That one is gonna kill the old credit card, I'm afraid... I really hope runningskirts.com is at the expo...might be better for my CC if they're not.

@ Shelly: Hahahaha! Bingo, more shopping; that's funny. ;) I'll just check at the NYCM expo to see if they have any discounts on that yellow tee!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka: I love that blue/purple argyle too; haven't pre-ordered that one yet; should I? ;)

@ Annet: Hahahahaha! OK, we moeten binnenkort echt een keer naar de Decathlon!

@ Jess: I'm already wearing my black Nike Half Zip with shorts or skirts now: it's in the low 60's already in Holland.

Unknown said...

Wow they are great edition I want to have one. Thanks for sharing this good post.


Silly Girl Running said...

@ Amy: Thanks! Check their website (www.runningskirts.com) when the line comes out! :)

RunningRonald said...

Nr. 8!! by far!! Great shirt and skirt.. :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ RunningRonald: Hahahaha! Wist niet dat jij zo'n damesmodekenner was. ;) Outfit 8 (althans, de onderkant; de bovenkant is een beetje koud voor de winter...) stond al in de pre-order. :)