Adidas Adilibria Shields s Running Sunglasses Review

Adidas Adilibria Shields S

I've been wearing the Adidas Adilibria Shield Sunglasses (in the S (smaller) version) for a while now. I wear them when out running, skiing, or just hiking. And I really love these sunglasses!

Adidas says the following on the sunglasses on their website:

'With the Adilibria model for women, Adidas Eyewear demonstrates that sport and style form a perfect combination. The new Adilibria collection blends unique, feminine design with functional features from the Adidas sport performance area. Radiant colours and sweeping contours play an important roll in the overall look of these latest models.'

The sunglasses have a Decentered Vision Advantaged PC Lens, that is scratch and impact force resistant (very much needed for all these bugs flying into it when out running/skiing...I do NOT like bugs). The Nose Bridge is individually adaptaple and the sunglasses have a ventilation system, that prevents lens fogging. Adidas also added some technology that secures temple release under impact force (I have no clue how this works, but it sure sounds fancy).

I really like the fit of these sunglasses. They don't slip and they truly have a pressure free fit. Actually, within minutes after putting them on, I don't even notice I'm wearing them anymore. I had these on during the Swiss Alpine Marathon, and didn't feel them at all. And, for me, that's a good thing!

I also really like the lens of these glasses. I wear contacts, and therefore need a lens that really filters the sun out and keeps the wind from blowing into my eyes. And this lens does. Another good thing about these glasses!

And last, but not least, they come in cute colours! I have the Copper with a contrast mirror lens, (picture above) but they also come in for example a very cute matt ivory, and even in a gold colour! Adidas knows what a girl wants! :)

The gold colour - maybe just a bit too much, but very pretty!

OK, it's out. I love these glasses. :) They're not cheap, though. They retail for about $130, but you might find them on sale for less. However, for that amount of money, you do get great sunglasses, that are perfect for running, skiing, etc. and that have a lens that truly gives your eyes some rest (no redness at all!).


Becka said...

I have been wearing my sunglasses for years, they are scratched and I had the issue with them fogging up during my last race. I will check them out!

Silly Girl Running said...

They cost a bit, but are worth the money. At least in my opinion! :) And they look nice. :)

Becka said...

I ordered them off Amazon. At least no tax or shipping cost. I got shiny red/silver ones. They look nice. I also wear contacts so I need something good. The only redeeming quality is they don't slide off my face. I have a small face so most sunglasses look huge and don't fit right. I've been meaning to get new ones anyway, if I can make them last as long as my current pair they will be worth it!

Silly Girl Running said...

Great! Love the red/silver! The s size (you also have an l size) are great for small faces.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

I really need some sunglasses! I've been looking at Oakley's and Ryders Eyewear, but will def. have check these out too. They look awesome.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Jamie They truly are great! And they look cute! :) And they come in gold and matt ivory. Need I say more? ;)

Becka said...

Mine came in the mail. Saturday. AFTER my race... I can't wait to try them out! They are soooo light!

Silly Girl Running said...

I know! They are so light!:) Hope you will love them as much as I do. :)

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