Okay, there we go

Thank you for all your sweet comments on this post: here.  Both on the blog and through Facebook. Sure helped a lot in making me worry less. One of you suggested mentioning it casually to the people at Race bib pick-up. In a 'so excited, but some people are weird' kind of way. Sounds like an okay idea.

As for The Race - the one I've been talking about for months, but never dared mention. The race I hope on running, the planned race, is the TDS race at the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. It scares the sh*t out of me. Why? Check out the website: here

Yep, that's some serious elevation gain. And 114K is a long way to go. 31 1/2 hours - how the heck am I going to stay awake and focussed? 

50% doesn't make it to the finish line, so I'm being realistic here. I know there's a 50% chance I'll have to drop out. I'll just focus on how I feel and on trying to make the cut-off times at the checkpoints. I'll try my best. That's all I can do, honestly. And yes, of course I'm doubting everything now: my training, my gear, my taper, etcetera. On top of that, I've been really busy with starting up my own law firm in the last couple of months (in case you've missed it: I'm self employed now. Gulp...). And that's more exhausting than you'd think.

So, as in 'better safe than sorry', if you guys (and kick-ass girls) could send me some positive and strong vibes this Thursday and Friday, please do. I'll cherish everyone of those vibes. Plus, I'll need them. Boy will I need them. 


Things I don't get: a threat

The Race. The one I have set my hopes on. The one that is planned for this Thursday. The one that already scares the sh*t out of me and makes me so excited at the same time. It's a long one. It involves night time running. It has some serious (and by serious, I mean serious) elevation gain. I'll need poles during the race. Enough said.

The race I've been looking forward to for ten months now. Beyond excitement. 

Why would anyone want to throw negativity into that?

A little while ago, a running buddy of mine pointed out that a certain person was posting negative comments on Facebook and Twitter. Plus was telling other runners negative stuff about me. Why? I don't know. I hardly know this person and haven't spoken to this person for a long while (if you're not running the same races, it happens that you don't run into some people for a while). Nor have I ever said anything that could be labelled negative about him/her. Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, not in person. So, why this person is telling everyone that wants to hear it, that 'that b*tch is going down - literally. I'll kick her off of that mountain. That will teach her. I'll show her who's the better ultra runner', is beyond me. I can honestly say that I have no idea at all where this is coming from. Nor have I ever received such messages in the 29 years I'm on this planet. I'm not the girl to fight with people - I don't see the point. Nor do I see the point in disliking anyone (okay, some dictators in the Middle East do deserve a dislike, but that's about it). Live and let live. 

Plus, as for 'who is the better ultra runner' - is this a contest? I'm in it for moi. Not for anyone else. Plus, I'm slowpoke galore. I don't care about which place I finish in. I care about trying to make the check points. And having fun out there. I honestly couldn't care less about who finishes in front of me. Seriously, I hope he/she wins the race. 

It is kind of scary, though.

So, for those of you that are in Chamonix this week for the race and are in one of the races (and in particular the one I'm in) - I'm the girl with Silly Girl Running on her shirt - the girl that's covered in glitter (yeah, I know - there's this twelve year old pageant queen inside of me, that's fighting to get out). And if you notice anyone trying to push me off of a mountain - please warn me. Please. 

Luckily for me, there's this marine that plans on running the same race that I plan on running - he's already offered to use his muscles to help out. ;) Then again, better safe than sorry.

Have you ever dealt with such a weird threat situation?


Apparently I am Goofy

Despite me deciding on doing the Vermont 100 instead of the Goofy's challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon, I somehow managed to just click 'register' on Goofy a couple of minutes ago. I could do that first 100 miler in Europe - I can't do Goofy in Europe. 

So, there you go. Registered for the Goofy's challenge. Solo. Who is willing to hop around the Magic Kingdom with this nut?


Confessions of a self employed lawyer

Okay, as from August 1st, I'm self employed. Freaking out all over the place. No need to freak out. In the last two weeks I've learned:

1. Setting up your own business takes up all of quite a lot of your time.

2. Working, running, eating and sleeping are pretty much all I do at the moment. I'm no fun.

3. I'm a stubborn muppet for wanting to work with Mac. Holland is not Mac minded. Finding a printer that is compatible with Mac (and not everything on the printer but the scanner) gave me a headache (no kidding). 

4. My office space is a mess. There's cables and piles of paper everywhere. Apparently being self employed doesn't come with a secretary. Bummer.

5. I have the brilliant plan to run another ultra (as a training run for the planned freak out race end of this month) this Sunday. 56K / 34-ish miles. Considering the fact that I barely had a good night of sleep in the last couple of days, this could be interesting.

Any advice from one self employed muppet to another?