Planned races I hope on running

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2012: Recaps and races

Amsterdam Marathon (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) (fun run) - October 21st 2012   :   3:49:27
Amsterdam Marathon race recap and photos

Koln Half Marathon (Koln, Germany) (a head and chest cold don't mix well with running a half marathon...yeugh) - October 14th 2012    :  1:41:56

Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany) - September 30th 2012      :    3:32:57
Berlin Marathon race recap and photos

Monschau Ultramarathon 56K (+/- 1,000 meters of elevation gain - placed 6th Female Overall) (Monschau, Germany) - August 12th 2012    :    5:44:26 

Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 (50 miler / 80K - +/- 2,600 meters of elevation gain) (Davos, Switzerland) - July 28th 2012      :       10:28:41
Swiss Alpine Marathon recap

Trail de Tombeau du Chevalier 53K / lots of elevation gain (Florenville, Belgium) (long run - training run - took a wrong turn, ran some extra miles)  - June 30th 2012      : 7:14:00
Trail de Tombeau du Chevalier recap

Slachtemarathon (Friesland, the Netherlands) (long run pace) - June 16th 2012   :    4:05:32
Slachtemarathon recap
Slachtemarathon - the movie

Lintloop 10 miles (Vleuten, the Netherlands)  -  June 3rd 2012   :   1:15:28
Lintloop recap

Koning van Spanje Trail 30.6K (Gulpen, the Netherlands) (Lordie's first official (long) trail race)   -  May 6th 2012   :    3:52:06
Koning van Spanje Trail recap
And even more Koning van Spanje Trail pics

Singelloop Wijk bij Duurstede 10K (Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands) (hot hot hot day)  - April 30th 2012    :    48:18
Singelloop Wijk bij Duurstede recap

Paris Marathon (Paris, France) (6 days after Utrecht Marathon and 3 weeks after the Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler = sore legs and trying to hold an easy pace)  -  April 15th 2012     :    3:57:28
Paris Marathon recap
Paris Marathon pics

Utrecht Marathon (Utrecht, the Netherlands) (2 weeks after the Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler, strong headwinds, extremely boring course)  -  April 9th 2012    :  3:49:14
Utrecht marathon recap and photos

Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler (Paris, France) (high temps, scenic course, course measured long: 83-ish K / 52-ish miles, 1,500 meters / 4,900 ft elevation gain) - March 24th 2012    :   10:09:37
Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler - Teaser
Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler recap and photos
And even more Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler photos

Florijn Winterloop 25K (Woudenberg, the Netherlands) (fun run, long run - ended up making a marathon pace-ish tempo run out of it - inexplicably placed 3rd in AG) - January 7th 2012  :  2:11:49
Florijn Winterloop recap and photos

2011: Recaps and races

Oliebollenloop Schoonhoven 10K (Schoonhoven, the Netherlands) No chip-timing. (half marathon pace-ish tempo run - sort of, kind of ;)) - December 31st 2011  : 47:48
Linschotenloop Half Marathon (Linschoten, the Netherlands) (marathon pace tempo run - fun run) - December 17th 2011 :  1:48:56
Linschotenloop Recap and photos

New York City Marathon (New York City, USA) (Training run, kidney stone, sprained ankle, stomach bug - enough said) - November 6th 2011 : 4:10:43
New York City Marathon recap and photos

Amsterdam Marathon (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) - October 16th 2011:  3:42:27
Amsterdam Marathon recap and photos
And even more Amsterdam Marathon photos

Köln Half Marathon (Köln, Germany) - October 2nd 2011: 1:44:50
Koln Half Marathon recap
Köln Half Marathon photos

Dam tot Damloop 10 miles (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) - September 18th 2011:    1:18:06
Dam tot Damloop photos

Ladies Run Katwijk (Katwijk, the Netherlands) 5K - September 10th 2011:  25:16 (slowest 5K ever (over 3 minutes slower than my 5K PR), but then again I didn't race it - fun run for charity - fun run fun run fun run)
Ladies Run Katwijk photos

Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 (Davos, Switzerland) (79.1K, +/- 2,600 meters elevation gain) - July 30th 2011:   11:25:24
Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 recap
And even more Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 photos
Yep, more photos of the Swiss Alpine Marathon K78

Repower Seelaufserie 4K (Davos, Switzerland) (hilly course around a lake) - July 26th 2011 :   18:58 minutes (no chip timing)
Utregse Meidenloop 5K (Utrecht, the Netherlands) (5K @ 10K pace tempo run) - June 26th 2011: 5K    24:15
Utregse Meidenloop 5K photos

Edinburgh Marathon (Edinburgh, Scotland) (extremely windy day) - May 22nd 2011: 42.2K     3:50:33
Edinburgh Marathon recap
Edinburgh Marathon photos

Utrecht Marathon (Utrecht, the Netherlands) (extremely hot marathon weather - yet again) - April 25th 2011 : 42.2K     3:59:55
Utrecht Marathon recap and photos

Paris Marathon (Paris, France) (extremely hot marathon weather!) - April 10th 2011 : 42.2K     4:10:31
Paris Marathon recap
Paris Marathon photos
And even more photos of the Paris Marathon

Canicross 5K and 2.3K (Hilversum, the Netherlands) - April 2nd 2011: 5K 22:03, 2.3K 9:10  Canicross Hilversum recap

Groet uit Schoorl Run Half Marathon (ran this half marathon as a marathon pace tempo run, and paced a running buddy to a sub-2) (Schoorl, the Netherlands) - February 13 2011: 1:57:51   Groet uit Schoorl Run recap

Midwintermarathon Asselronde 27.5K (used this race as a long slow distance run) (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) - February 6 2011 : 2:44:24    Midwintermarathon recap

Florijn Winterloop 10 miles (first race back after The Calf) (Woudenberg, the Netherlands) - January 8 2011 : 1:26:30       Florijn Winterloop recap

2010: Recaps and races

Swiss Alpine Marathon (mountain marathon with 1.890 meters / 6.233 ft elevation) 2010 - K42 (31 July 2010)   :   7:06:38 hours  
Swiss Alpine Marathon K42 Race Recap

Repower Seelaufserie 4K (hilly course around a lake) (27 July 2010)   :   19:27 minutes Repower Seelaufserie 4K Race Recap

Dam tot Damloop 10 miles / 16.1K (lots and lots of runners) (19 September 2010) : 1:23:20 hours   Dam tot Damloop 10 miles Race Recap

Singelloop Utrecht (Utrecht, the Netherlands) 10K race (laryngitis and 20 miler the day before the race) (September 26th 2010):   51:06 minutes

Köln Half Marathon (Köln, Germany) (injured (knee)) (October 2nd 2010) - 1:52:30 hours  
Köln Half Marathon 2010 Recap

ING New York City Marathon (New York City, USA) (calf strain at mile 8) (November 7th 2010) - 5:18:26 hours   New York City Marathon 2010 Recap