Wacky Wednesday: Sarah and Matthew - the dynamic celebrity running duo

Ran: 6.3 miles / 10K - running group training - easy work-out (post-marathon)

A. How does Sarah Palin do this?

Blowdried hair, full make-up and off for a run. I don't get it. Really, I don't. I have to stick with throwing my hair in a ponytail and adding some waterproof mascara. What can I say, I just sweat a lot! I guess I can forget about meeting the guy of my dreams while running... Sarah, on the other hand, looks like a model for a running ad.

B. Matthew M. runs like a girl. Sorry to shatter your dreams, girls, but in this photo he just does...

Does Matthew M. own a shirt? Still wondering... starting to feel sorry for the guy

Question: Who is your fav celebrity runner?


RunToTheFinish said...

favorite to look at or to run with?

Matthew...oh baby, but I think it would be so cool to run with Kara Goucher

Silly Girl Running said...

Yep, Kara Goucher, that's a good one! And I'd say running with Shirtless Matthew would be not that bad. :)

M said...

This was so funny! He does run like a girl. I ran across your blog, and I look forward to reading about your running. I started running in February, and I'm in love with it! Please come visit me at thisgirlislosingit.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks M for visiting! :) Checked out your blog and congrats on the weightloss! Amazing! :)