2XU Elite Compression Tights review

Bicycle: 45 min - kicked it into gear Slow jog: 5 min (yeah, didn't work out as I hoped it would)

Can you say 'love at first sight'? Actually it's more like 'love at first work-out', but you get the point.

When I was in New York for the New York City Marathon, I did some (okay, a lot) of shopping. Mainly running gear. At Paragon Sports I bought the 2XU Elite Compression Tights, because I had my hopes set on these tights helping me recover from The Calf injury. Also, they might help prevent other injuries.
This is a running blog, and the few followers (apparently not only my Mom reads it...Yay!) that I have, are also runners. So, I guess I don't have to ramble along about the benefits of compression tights/socks/etcetera, do I? ;)
Love them!
Since I'm still sidelined from running, I've been wearing these babies on my visits to the gym bicycle. And they did not disappoint me! Compression on all the right places, and the fabric is so soft! Compared to other compression tights, these 2XU tights have higher denier on the tights, and that results in more support. My calf loves these tights!
2XU promises improved performance with these tights.That I don't know about. I haven't run in them yet, but on the bicycle I didn't feel like I could go further, faster. The main benefit of these tights, at least in my humble opinion, is in the reduced recovery time. And in my book reduced recovery time = A-OK! But for 'A-OK' you'll have to pay $140... Yep...Ouch.
Check out their website for additional info: www.2xu.com.
And, yes, 2XU should send me a free pair, and a giveaway pair, for doing this review. In case a 2XU rep is reading this, I already love your tights, and I'm more than willing to write an awesome review on them. ;)

This is how they look on me. I wear the Small, since I'm 5'9, and the X-small would be too short for my Dutch legs.


Fifty K said...

Yea for good tights. A review and giveaway pair would be awesome. Hope 2XU is listening!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kirstie: Me too! ;) Already posted this blogpost on their FB-page. ;)

Becka said...

LOL! I hope they ask you to do a review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them! I always rave/rant about products, whether I'm getting something for free or not. I think it's important to share an opinion anyway :D

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becak: Hahahaha! I'm with you on that one, but still, it would be nice if they would send me a pair. ;)

Emz said...

So happy you reviewed these. I want some!!

Thanks for the size guide/height. I'm a 5'9"-er too. I hate the capri look. ;)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: Yep, the weird faith of us long legged girls...the capri look. ;) I'd go for the Small, what you lose in compression, you will make up in the length of the tights. ;)

Unknown said...

I just bought a pair for similiar reasons. hope i get good results as well. i hadn't intended to workout in them and get them all sweaty. Cuz then I'd have to wash them all the time and that would be a pain or I'd have to buy multiple pairs and that would be expensive but we'll see. Thanks for your review. I had a good work out and now I'm going to sleep in them : )

Tina : )

Groomy said...

That’s such a beautiful pair of compression leggings. I am in love with its color and fitting seems to be fabulous. I think spandex is best material for fitness workouts. It’s soft, comfortable, and also durable. Have spandex leggings for my workouts.

Dan Hopkins said...

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