Three Things Thursday - the sucky hip post

1. Today is one of those days. I could have figured that out this morning before getting to work. Why? Well, when do you know that it's going to be one of those days?
  • you wake up having had a nightmare about your running coach convincing you that that hip of yours is terribly injured, mainly because you're overdoing on your training, and that you will never be able to complete the New York Marathon training cycle - you wake up truly believing this;

  • the hope you had last night of your hip being better in the morning, is completely crushed when you wake up with The Hip being even more sore and stiff than after last night's run;

  • it's that time of the month; you didn't realize that last night, so this morning it's an unwelcome surprise, not to mention an emergency laundry situation. Enough said;
  • while in the shower your dog figures it would be a brilliant idea to get all the sheets from the bed in the guest room, drag them across the house and leave them in front of the bathroom door for you to trip over;

  • being in a hurry to get to work, you spray shoe deodorant (yeah, I know, don't ask) in your flats and forget to hold your breath...you inhale the deodorant, and it leaves you coughing for the rest of the morning;

  • you close the front door and notice that your dress is stuck...the alarm goes off because you're trying to get your dress out of there;
  • while on your bike to work some idiot truck driver isn't watching the road and almost crashes into you - almost - but just enough to give you an unneeded shot of adrenaline;
  • and to top it off: just before getting to the frontdoor of work (almost there!), you run into your ex walking his gorgeous and superskinny fiancé (yep, he managed to mention that in our one minute 'Hi, how are you? Fine, and you? Getting to work, have a great day! Have you met my fiancé yet?' conversation) to work.

2. I realize I have serious right hip/butt muscle issues, and that that might have to do with me starting my New York training cycle only two days after finishing the Swiss Alpine Marathon. I'm trying to figure out whether or not I should cancel tonight's scheduled 45 min tempo run. Might be the more sensible thing to do. Will leave me cranky as a muskrat, though.

3. On a more happy note: Becka (http://50halfmarathonsin50states.blogspot.com/) got me all excited about joining her in a marathon in mid-/end-June 2011! :) That would make 3 marathons in 2 months (with Paris in April and Edinburgh in May)...Yikes! :)


Becka said...

1. UGH!! Not a great sounding day, sounds like one bad thing after another. Especially running into the ex, yuck.
2. As much as it sucks taking days off when you are in training... probably should. When are you getting in to see your chiro?

Becka said...

Wait. Paris? April????

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka Just saw the chiro; helped quite a bit! Hip is still sore, but there's def something not OK with my back, so the chiro was great advice! :)

Yep, that's right, Paris, April 11th. Registration starts September 15th. :) I say, run that thing and then over to the french wine and croissants. :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka Sorry, April 10th ofcourse. :)

martine said...

mooie fotos alpine marathon!!!!!!!!!!!


you are a marathon machine. take it easy on that hip!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Martine: Thanks! Gaaf, hè? :) Helemaal verslaafd aan de bergmarathons nu. :)

@ TMB Hahaha: marathon machine...hmm...one that isn't that well-oiled at the moment. ;) I crosstrained yesterday instead of doing the pace work-out...so I'm trying to take it easy on the hip! :)