Doodling outside the lines - Zalando webshop review

This post might just be interesting for readers from the Netherlands/Europe, but does have something in it for all of you out there! :)

We all know the 'established' running gear webshops out there: Runningwarehouse.com, Rei.com, Lululemon, etcetera. For the Dutch readers this would be: Hardloopaanbiedingen.nl, Hardloopcentrum.nl, Run2Day.nl, and so on.

A webshop that doesn't have 'buy your running gear here!' written all over it (yet!) is Zalando. That's why I was extra excited when they contacted me and asked me to review their webshop and the brands they sell.

So, since I'm an official IceQueen (okay okay...bring on the jokes...), I ordered a warm baselayer for winter: the Columbia Heavyweight Baselayer - half zip.

This thing puts the T in Thermo. Warm and toasty.
The webshop

The Zalando webshop is easy to browse around in. When you're a trail oriented / mountain running oriented runner, make sure you also search under the brands tab. The Columbia, Patagonia, TNF and Salomon running gear won't show up when you click on the 'running gear' tab. So, if you'd like running gear from those brands, just search by brand. Worked for me!

The gear

Unlike most online running gear shops, Zalando doesn't stop at the usual brands (i.e. Asics, Nike, Adidas, Saucony, etcetera). They also sell Columbia, Patagonia, The North Face and Salomon gear. And that's pretty unique. I'm a fan - I love those brands! I think it's a huge plus that Zalando thinks outside the box on this one.


Easy peasy. Just add the stuff you like to your cart, and fast forward to check-out.


Also easy peasy. They take Ideal payment and credit cards.


Took a bit longer than stated. The shirt I'd ordered was in stock, but it took over a week to be delivered. Also, the track & trace option was a bit of a hassle.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the Zalando webshop and the number of brands they sell. Be sure to check out their website and shop around a bit! You won't be disappointed!

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