The 5 year Plan

Things to do before January 1st 2016

Note: since giving birth to my son in March 2014, the whole 5  year plan, kind of changed. Multi-day races and rock climbing no longer sound like a stellar plan. ;)
  • Run the Walt Disney Marathon (Orlando, United States of America) - Goofy's Challenge - Done (January 2013)
  • Climb the Matterhorn (Switzerland), and get my Level IV rock climbing license (because I actually want a chance on reaching the summit)
  • Run the Polar Circle Marathon (Greenland
  • Try my luck at the Courmayeur Champex Chamonix trail of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc races (Switzerland) - I have tried (August 2012) my luck at the TDS...just tried, dropped out due to the weather conditions
  • Run the Swiss Alpine Marathon 78K (Switzerland) - Done (July 2011)
  • Run the Transrockies Run (United States of America), and also: find a fellow nut that is willing to run this race with me - accepting applications ;)
  • Skydiving
  • Try my luck at the Engadiner Ski Marathon (Switzerland)
  • Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon (United States of America) - I got my BQ at the Berlin Marathon (September 2012) - ran Boston in April 2013 - yep, that's correct, 2013.