Friday the 13th and confessions on superstitious pre-race behavior

OK, I'll be brutally honest. As down to earth as this girl is, I AM superstitious. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I just get a bit jiggly wiggly of 'bad luck' things as walking under a ladder, black cats crossing my path, spilling salt, broken mirrors and the number 13.
And that's not where the superstition ends. In my University days I had certain rituals I told myself I needed to follow before making a test. I also had certain rituals I needed to follow as I was checking if I did or did not pass the test. Ofcourse I was fully aware of the fact that me following these rituals (being mostly: sitting straight in my chair and having my lucky pen to write with) would not have any influence what so ever on me passing or failing that test.

And now, in my running and racing days, I still carry on this way. I now adjust my laces in a certain way, and will not wear an outfit I had a crappy run in on race day. I also put on my lucky socks, hence the not matching red skirt and pink socks combo I chose for the Swiss Alpine Marathon. This makes no sense at all, I know. Especially for someone that went to University to get her Masters degree and was educated based on superstition being total nonsense. However, it does give me an 'in control' kind of feeling. And that's just what gets me 'relaxed' before a race. So, if being superstitious is what it takes for me to not vomit my guts out before crossing the start line, that's just what it takes. :)

So, if you see a girl in a skirt in your next race, that's plucking at her shoelaces and has this focussed look on her face, please do not make funny faces or comments. Just tell her she'll be fine. I'll thank you for it. :)

Question: Want to make me feel less like a freak? Confess on your superstitious behavior!


Becka said...

That's too funny! I am the same way with my racing/running gear... The outfit I wore in my worst race ever (the chafing incident) I have never worn again. I got rid of the shorts completely, and I think I've worn the shit again... once. LOL. Funny how that is. I was like that in my gymnast days as well... had to put on a certain amount of chalk, had to mark the beam in a certain place, had to face a certain direction on the mat when starting a routine... I call it being a creature of habit :D

Silly Girl Running said...

Pfffffffhieuw! Glad I'm not the only nutcase out there. ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I just love your header picture! matchy socks or not.

I'm not really supersitious, sorry. I don't like to say certain things as to not put it out there (like I don't use the H word I say really dislike. I mean do you ever really feel that strongly in a negative way about anything? I think not. I don't talk negative things. I don't gossip so I don't continue the negative "energy." but that's not really the same thing as getting concerned over the date on the calendar.)
I guess we all have our own little nutty habits. I only wish I had a pair of lucky socks!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ shellyrm Just pick the socks you PR'd in! They will give you that extra bit of confidence, I'm sure! :)