Long time no see

Ran: 10 miles / 16 km 1:29 min weekend long run
Just ran into a guy that was in my civil law class in University at my local grocery store:
'Hi! How are you?' *big smile*
'Great! And how are you? Wow, it's been a while!' *bit grumpy; trying to get everything I need for tonight's dinner in a very very busy grocery store (people constantly bumping into me-busy) and I'm dressed like a bag lady*
'I'm fine! Are you still getting paid to sue people?' *laughing out loud*
'Yep! It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. And you; still living from your trustfund?' *bit bitchy - I admit, but I was in my grumpy-bag lady mood*
'Well, it's my trustfund isn't it? If I want to fly to Cannes 3 times a year, I just do! Enjoying myself with tha ladies.* *winks and smiles - bit of a dirty smile - and makes some kind of p-i-m-p hand gesture*
'So, what else is going on? How's the old love life? You're looking great, you're glowing!' *checking me out - apparently he's digging the bag lady-look*
'Well...I picked up running.' *starting to feel more grumpy - might have to do with the trustfund/ladies/lovelife-comment. Flattered by the glowing-comment, though :)*
'Good for youuuu!' *said in a patronizing way*
'Yeah, I like to think so.' *starting to look for excuses to get away from this guy*
'So, you're one of those girly girls running through the park 2 times a week, now' *dirty smile again - he's obviously trying to visualize it*
'Well, it's not really 2 times a week, actually...'
'Just keep working out, you will get, there!' *interrupting me and babbling along - checking his hair in the freezer doors*
'...it's more like 5 or 6.'
*stops checking his hair and stares at me* '...Oh. Why?' *clearly shocked*
'I enjoy it... a lot. Just finished my first marathon and I'm officially hooked now. The feeling of pounding the pavement...can't describe in words how great that feels! Hope to run my first 78K ultramarathon next year.' *feeling less grumpy - smiling - I'm talking about running now!*
*obviously losing interest* 'Really? Why would a girl do that? That's not really girly girl is it? More suitable for the butchy type.'
'I wear a running skirt.' *truly feeling like that explains everything*
'Running? In a skirt? And planning on doing 78K? Are you in some kind of phase?' *staring at me*
'No, I'm feeling better than ever, actually.' *smiling now*
*still staring at me - clearly doesn't know what to say - obvously looking for a way out* 'Oh, wait, Helena, here I am, darling! Sorry, really have to go! Let's do cocktails soon. Great to see you!' *literally runs off*

'Bye! Great to see you! Good luck with ' tha' ladies!'

I suddenly feel like going for a second run today, just a short one. :) And I'm definitely going to order in tonight!

Oh, and apparently running makes you look great, and makes you glow! :) Yay! :)

Question: Why would this guy be bragging about 'tha ladies' with his 'darling Helena' just a few feet away? I'm clueless...



Too freaking funny! I have had that conversation many times. Some people just don't get it.

T said...

I've met this guy before. Well, other incarnations of him, anyway. There are words to describe him but they're not really fit for publishing on other people's blogs :)

Becka said...

Just stop talking, guy! Lots of people don't "get" it - my boyfriend is one of them... He hates running!

Silly Girl Running said...

LOL! Glad to know that I'm not the only one running into this guy! :) He really stared at me like I was just beemed down from Mars or something...