Three Things Thursday

Cycling: 30 min
1. Homemade Pasta: My mom bought me 'The Pasta Bible'. I already knew how to make (fresh) pasta, but usually find myself buying the Grocery Store kind anyway. Now I really don't have an excuse anymore not to make fresh pasta. Seriously, check out this book. It has some great recipes and tons of different kinds of pasta in it. Do I hear 'Carb-loading'? I'll be posting some truly delicious recipes in the next couple of weeks!

2. Nighttime running: In these dark (but oh so cosy) days of winter, the sun is already setting at 5 PM. Considering the fact that I won't get off work till 6 or 7 PM...nighttime running is the way to go for this girl. I don't mind running at night, though. It's a great way to de-stress from a busy day at work. However, the obvious issue with nighttime running is .... well, the safety issue. That's why I usually head out looking like some kind of Christmas Tree mishap. Okay...it's actually not that bad (I hope), but I do think that it's important to 'run visible'.

Therefore: my go-to for nighttime running is the Saucony Vizipro line. In my opinion the Vizipro line beats the yellow Brooks Nightlife line in visibility. By far. Plus, I'm Dutch, and with orange being our national color, I have a natural weak spot for everything orange.

I love this shirt: comfy, yet warm. The light is USB-chargeable.

3. Throwback Thursday: Me: just a couple of months old. So, what can we learn from this photo?

a. I indeed did not have any hair whatsoever as a baby. How I ended up with the lion-like tresses I sport nowadays will not only remain a mystery to me, but also to every (and I mean 'every') hairdresser around;

b. Did you see the 'devil eyes' photo in yesterday's post? Where the bleep did all that baby cushy cushy cuteness go?


Kevin said...

Cute picture. But NO pink or orange?!? That's probably the only picture without a pink or orange outfit that you own.

The Sinéad O'Connor hairstyle looks cool on you and helps out with your new punk rock. I say you go back to it.


Jamie said...

I'm totally with you on nighttime running. De-stressing from the day is great! It works out perfectly. I love your Saucony shirt!

Run Jess Run said...

I was bald until I was 2. Don't feel bad.