Flexing it

Cycling: 20 min
Swimming: 60 min
Strength training: 20 min

The Foot. Who could've guessed that this nasty little thing could cause so much pain? I can't even do a single leg raise on my left leg. Gee... Frustrating. I feel completely drained and depressed, and I really don't want to not hold my head high.

Yesterday I saw another MD. For a second opinion on the foot. To sum it up: I did not like the opinion of this second MD. Why?

The MD examined the foot and told me that the joints in my feet are more flexible than they should be in a normal person (okay, bring on the 'you're not a normal person'-jokes! I can take it...). Plus, there's some sort of cyste on my ankle (size of a pearl). Apparently lots of athletes (or semi-athletes like myself: ha!) have 'flexible feet'. I figured 'flexible' was a good thing. Well...guess again. The MD explained to me that this überflexibility could cause early arthritis. I figured that if that's the case I should just rest the foot for now, start building the mileage when it feels okay (for the record: it does NOT feel okay at the moment), and then add more strength training and replace one work out per week with swimming or cycling.

Uhm...nope. The MD wants me to not exercise (besides hiking and some strength training) at all. I repeat: no exercise besides hiking and strength training (no cycling, swimming, etcetera). In her opinion even walking around would be hard when I turn 40, if I don't. What the bleep? For the record: this MD is not involved in some kind of endurance sport herself. Nor did she understand what running means to me. Being silly me, I googled on the subject as soon as I got home, and did not find one article stating what she had told me.

Two days, two MDs, two completely different opinions. I'm clueless.

My sports PT told me to crosstrain for at least a week. And check how The Foot feels after that. And start building the mileage again (slowly) as soon as the foot is OK. I'll just go with her advice for now. After all...she works with athletes every single day.

Guess who's off for a swim tonight? ;) I might even take a few photos of me in my Speedo (or, what I'd like to call, 'the dealbreaker'). ;)

Any bloggers out there with 'flexible feet'?


Kevin said...

I got ugly feet and they will stay ugly long after I am 40 years old. I mean they are seriously zaterdag ugly.

Are you going to a specialist or just a general practitioner? I would go to a specialist.

Speedo pictures? You do not even want to know how I look in Speedos. You will have serious stomach issues after that. :~|


misszippy said...

That absolutely stinks! I would do exactly what you are doing--listening to that PT! Here's hoping a quick rest will do the trick.

Unknown said...

Yeah +1! Listen to the PT / MD who actually work with athletes!

Emz said...

totally waiting for the speedo photos. ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Listen to your body and your PT. Long term life quality is imporant! You want to be running and racing years from now.

I loved those bike short photos! and now I have speedo pics to look forward to. Gee you just keep us all coming back for more. ;-)

pmcd20 said...

two MD's. two different opinions. nasty call.

never heard of flat feet till now. looked it up. seen there is different types. Came across some tips advice.


LaVonne said...

I would follow your PT - cross training is good! As one of my PTs says (ummm...yes I have a couple) "Motion is Lotion". So movement is good, as long as it is not causing pain. And I would get a third opinion from a sports med doc.

Good luck!

PS - I have been told before that ALL of my joints are too flexible. So I need to be careful doing weights, yoga, etc. at the full range of motion. Who knew?

Bethany + Ryan said...

I would follow the advice of a sports-related person. What about a sports medicine doctor. I've never heard of flexibility being a bad thing! but for now, just rest it. Don't take any chances

Silly Girl Running said...

@ all: Thanks for the advice! :) Helped a lot! And thanks for reading my whiny excuse of a blog. :) Means a lot to me. :)

Run Jess Run said...

I hope your foot feels better! Remember to listen to your body and take it easy if it hurts. A little sorrow-drowning in some ice cream would be ok, too....:)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that has uber flexible joints, but it's not just her ankles. It's all of her joints. She has to wear orthodics and do lots of cross/strength training for the supportive muscles.

I am curious, did the MD you saw on the 12th test out other joints in your body, like your wrist, elbow, and shoulder? Did you see an orthopedics doctor (in which they would test) or just a physician?

You definitely need to see a highly recommended and reputable sports doctor who is a runner. Not sure how the medical world is over there, but hopefully you don't have to cut through a lot of bureaucratic red tape to see a great sports doc.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Jess: Ice cream and cupcakes...devilish combo! ;)

@ nordicmoxie: Thanks for sharing! The MD did not test any other joints. Just the ones in my feet. The MD was no orthopedics doctor, but just a physician. I'm making an appointment with a sports doctor as we speak. Hoping he can squeeze me in. :)