Supporting EMZ!

Go Emz! Now go kick that marathon's butt! You're a rock star! :)

Trying to look 'gangsta'...Fail! I blame the 'tired eyes' on the Japanese beer I had last night... :) Plus, that's my 'just out of bed' face/hair...

To quote Kevin: Since I'm wearing the Run EMZ shirt: does that mean that I'm one of the cool kids now? ;)

Treadmill 16% incline: 15 min (walking) - The Foot still hurts like...I'm not posting 'that word'. ;)
Cycling: 30 min (10K) + 10 min (3K)
Strength training: 35 min


Jason said...

Nice workout and great pics.....hope the foot gets better as you have a great 2011 planned.

Emz said...

You. Are. Awesome.

The last photo is my fav!! You are beautiful woman!!

Thanks so much.

And. Really? A 16% incline?! W. O. W.

RunToTheFinish said...

16% holy cow what kind of mill do you have?!

rinusrunning said...

geslaagde foto's en de tweede is leuk, ondeugend!.
Groet Rinus.

Zoë said...

Awesome shirt!!

Kevin said...


Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kevin: Wow! Play nice!

Kevin said...

You are about as "gansta" as me. We both look more like Vanilla Ice than Ice T.


Kevin said...

Just messing with ya. I thought it would make me cool too also but when put it on I was still a loser in a cool shirt. :-)


Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kevin: Ha! Same here! ;)

RunningRonald said...

cool shirt!!!! en op de morning after Japans bier zie je er nog steeds sharp uit!