One year of running - 75 random things about me

One year ago today (January 2010) running became a way of life to me. Running was no longer just a hobby (since October 2009 I occasionally headed out for a jog - 15K a week tops). Till one year ago today I didn't run more than 10K at once. The difference a year makes. 365 days. It may sound corny, but the girl that's typing this post, isn't the same girl that signed up for the New York Marathon in January 2010 and decided to give it a try. Corny, I know... Get over it. ;) But, seriously, who could have guessed that I would actually prefer to spend money on new running shoes than on a new pair of heels?

So, I guess I owe you 75 random things about me now, huh? :) Why 75? Because everyone else does 100. ;)

1. My non-blogworld name is Christel. Well, actually it's 'Christina', but my mom figured that that name sounds too mature...
2. I love my dog to pieces.
3. Therefore he's pretty much spoiled rotten. It's not like I dress him up (well...I do dress him up during the holiday season... ;)), but he does get to pick his own faux-fur duvet cover...
4. Plus he actually sleeps on my bed. On his fancy faux-fur pillow. I tried a fleece pillow, but he refused to sleep on that one... He's spoiled and I have no one but myself to blame. ;)
5. I would love to own a Bed & Breakfast in Switzerland one day.
6. I absolutely love being in the Swiss Alps, and mountains in general.
7. I'm a certified Skike instructor. I don't teach Skike, but it just seemed fun to get the certificate.
8. I drive a Subaru Impreza station wagon. I actually wanted a Mini, but hey, the Subaru has 4x4.
9. When men find out that I drive a Subaru, they usually laugh at me. Pretty harsh...
10. As a little girl I really wanted to get my ears pierced, but my mom wouldn't let me.
11. I actually thank her for that, but did get my ears pierced at age 21. And she came with me and bought me my first pair of ear rings.
12. I joined a sorority in my University years. Loved it. :)
13. Also, in these University years, I partied hard and drank a lot. On the plus side, I'm pretty much done with partying and drinking now.
14. I was an honors student.
15. I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Law.
16. Actually, I wanted to be an Archeologist, but figured picking law was the wise thing to do.
17. Lucky for me, I actually loved studying law.
18. I still would love to get a degree in either Archeology or in Art History.
19. I do believe in monogamy, but I don't believe in marriage. I blame that on my job. ;)
20. Plus my parents got a divorce. It was nasty. That probably doesn't help either.
21. Seriously, I never really dreamed of 'the white dress' and 'the wedding party'. And I'm fine with that. I'd rather spend that money on a trip around the world. Or on that B&B in Switzerland.
22. I'm afraid of the dark.
23. I'm also a bit scared of swimming in open water. Especially when my feet can't touch the ground.
24. Seven for all mankind jeans are the only jeans that fit properly on me.
25. I don't dye my hair: I was born a redhead.

Still there? Not bored yet? Wow!

26. I'm a certified ski instructor.
27. In my High School and University years I earned some extra cash working as a ski instructor in Switzerland, spending a couple of weeks a year in Switzerland.
28. After High School I even lived in Switzerland for a year to work as a ski instructor.
29. Not because I didn't want to go to University right away, but because my mom got really really sick and I got the chance to take care of her.
30. I learned how to ski at age 3. And every year after that, up to date that is. I truly hope the gift of skiing will be there in the years to come.
31. I was a competitive skier all through High School.
32. I had a training accident at age 16. Slalom practice. Knee. Ligaments and cartilage were pretty much messed up.
33. I had to wear a knee brace for six months. My leg was half the size when it came out of the brace. In the years after that I still had to wear the brace while skiing.
34. I was able to teach, though. I preferred teaching the little ones (3 and 4 year olds). :)
35. I am able to ski without the brace now, but skiing hard for an entire day or doing moguls more than one run in a row... Well, let's just say that I will pay for that the next day.
36. Without my PT my knee would still be messed up. I've been going to the same PT for 12 years now.
37. I'm trying to master the Telemark technique now. It's easier on the knee and I've truly fallen in love with it. :)
38. I tried snowboarding, but didn't like it. I love skiing too much.
39. I also love cross country skiing. Not the old school kind, but the cool 'skating' technique. :)
40. When I was 8 years old the Ski Gymnasium in Davos, Switzerland asked my mom if she'd consider letting me go there to be trained as a professional skier. She said no. They asked her again the year after that and the year after that. She didn't change her mind.
41. I was pretty angry with her back then, but am now grateful for it. She wanted me to get a proper education and the opportunity to go to University.
42. I was involved in competitive ballroom dancing at age 17 and 18.
43. I actually placed 2nd once at the European Championships for amateurs.
44. I didn't go through with the competitive dancing when I went to University. With all the classes I did no longer have the time.
45. I would love to compete in the Dakar Rally one day. And I'm aware of the fact that I will most likely never be able to compete in it, but still. It would be an amazing experience. :)
46. I would also love to visit Antarctica one day.
47. Sushi is my favorite food.
48. Cheese fondue comes in second. :)
49. My grandmother died 3 years ago. I still miss her presence. Every single day.
50. It's scary how much I look like her. Looking at photos of her at age 28, it could have been me in those photos. Except for the clothes. ;)

Almost there! You're a trooper! ;)

51. I enjoy cooking. A lot.
52. I probably own at least 200 cooking books.
53. And yet I order in at least once a week... Shame on me.
54. I'm a kidney patient. Plus I was born with chronic intestinal problems.
55. Due to that my MD told me I would never have the energy to run any distance over a 10K. I sure proved him wrong. ;)
56. I'm fine most of the time as long as I take my medication and watch my diet. For example, I have to be careful with salt and calcium.
57. I love to read. Plus, I just keep buying books. I like the smell of new books. You'll find piles of books in every single room in my home.
58. I don't like cold showers. At all.
59. I would love to have kids one day. And a jogging stroller. ;)
60. My Ipod is filled with Nirvana, Metallica, Coldplay, Nickelback, Kings of Leon and other rock bands.
61. However, I also listen to opera music. A couple of months ago I bought the complete works of Maria Callas...
62. About a year ago, I did an upholstery class. Yep, I know how to upholster an antique chair.
63. I also don't suck at using a sewing machine.
64. If I had to choose, I'd pick winter over summer.
65. I've never ever smoked a cigarette. I did smoke cigars in college. And drink scotch.
66. Also I have never ever tried drugs. I never felt tempted too. And yep, I AM Dutch. ;)
67. Secretly, I love reading Oprah's magazine 'O'. Sssssshhhh. :)
68. I can't stand being around mean and negative people. I honestly don't get why you would deliberately try to make someone feel bad.
69. Poppy flowers are my favorite.
70. I took a bit of my grandmother's ashes with me on the Swiss Alpine Marathon in 2010.
71. A peanut butter and cheese sandwich is my favorite for lunch. That combo is too tasty. :)
72. My cats have health insurance. I wanted to get health insurance for my dog too, but did the math and figured that saving EUR 10 a month for medical expenses would be a cheaper and better option.
73. I suck at every sport with a ball in it.
74. I don't eat pork.
75. I have a fear of failure. Always have. I'm working on it. :)

If you're still here, and I didn't bore you to death with these 75 random facts...you're a rock star in my book! :)


gmontalvo13 said...

read through them all! i think you're pretty neat!
but i'm a firm believe in happy endings! :)

Emz said...

I loved this!!!

learned so much!

74 - special reason? just being nosey!

Jen Feeny said...

Awwww congrats on your runniversary chica! Loved this post and getting to know more about you!

<3 25 :)

Bonnie said...

I am very much an opptimist and live in the clouds:) I think if you meet the right person #21 will change. There are alot of failures to look at but you also have to see the sucesses in life. Don't you want to sit on the porch with your husband when you're old?
I just went skiing for the first time on our Christmas vacation and loved it. Of course I did the beginner slopes. Its' cool you can ski so well and you definitely live in a great place for it.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: Allergic to pork. :) I do cheat once in a while (bacon!!! :)).

@ Morgan: Redheads unite! :)

@ gmontalvo: I'm a sucker for happy endings too. :) You won't need marriage for that, though. At least, in my opinion. :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Bonnie: I'm actually pretty much an optimist. :) I just feel that you don't need marriage to grow old with someone. :) I wouldn't mind 'living in sin'. And it would be great to meet Mr Right, but I wouldn't be a less happy person if I don't. Plus, you know, Mr Right + a diamond the size of a rock = I might change my mind. ;)

Becka said...

Happy one year of running-a-versary! What a list! I don't think I could come up with that many facts about myself. What a diverse and interesting lady you are!

giraffy said...

Poppies are my favorite also!!!

Bonnie said...

Yep, diamonds are a girls best friend:) JK I don't know what Poppies are. I'll have to look them up.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm with you on nr. 13, 65 and 66. People always tell me this combination is strange :)

Kevin said...

@Bonnie and @Silly Girl - What about a yellow diamond the size of a rock?


pmcd20 said...

rock on with no.65..

PunkRockRunner said...

Fun fact – I was raised in Boulder Colorado and never put a ski. In fact, I try not to use the word ski in a sentence because I’m such a poor speller I think it might be “sky”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have never been “skying” *snicker*

Nickelback & Coldplay? Really? Maybe you can post a new 76-100 list and include how, after additional review, you have concluded that you don’t care for Nickelback and Coldplay is just “U2-lite” (can you tell I’m a music snob?)

Thanks for sharing!!

You rock.


Bonnie said...

Yep yellow diamonds are the best. To bad I don't have one:)

The Bryans said...

That was a great read :) I agree, Switzerland is a gorgeous country...it would be fun to live there some day.

Re #46 - I lived in Antarctica for 3 months (2 years ago) ... that would be the percs of my job :) It was an AMAZING experience.

Run Jess Run said...

Great post! You have a lot of different talents!