What he said, what she said

Sports MD numero 4:

He: Well, what seems to be the problem?
She: My foot has been bothering me in these last two weeks. It hurts here [pointing at my foot], I can't even get up on my toes, and I can't run. [rambling along about the foot]
He: You can't run? Okay, we've got to fix that.
She: I like the sound of that.
He: Could you remove your shoes, socks and jeans, and then I'll have a look.
She: [slightly embarrassed] My jeans? If I'd known that...I apologize for my choice of underwear...
He: [just looks at me...obviously waiting for me to get on with it]
She: Okay...
...[a very very very quick medical check of The Foot]...
He: Well...I don't think it's anything too serious. You know, like a muscle strain or something. The problem seems to be your core stability and one of the joints in your foot seems a bit tight. That could have been caused by the new inlays.
She: Uhm...I know runners need to work on their core and I already am on a core stability regime. My PT made me do that. But...my foot hurts, and 2 weeks of rest didn't seem to do anything. I'm a bit worried.
He: Still...you need to work on your core. If the pain isn't better in 4 weeks, I'll just give you a steroid shot.
She: Okay...and that should fix it?
He: Yes. If it doesn't get any better, come back in 4 weeks, have a new X-ray with you, and I'll check again. And give you the shot.
She: But what is wrong with the foot? Is it just the joint that's a bit too tight?
He: Yes, and your core stability. And get rid of those inlays.
She: And when can I head out for a run?
He: When the pain let's you and doesn't get any worse during the run.
She: So, if that's okay, I CAN run?
He: Yes.

My Sports PT:

He: [after doing several tests for about 30 minutes] It's not your core. Your core is fine. But working on your core stability won't hurt.
She: Right...
He: And that joint is not a bit tight. Not at all. Plus...that joint couldn't have possibly caused the pain you're experiencing.
She: Right...
He: In my opinion, but check this with your MD, the pain is caused by overuse. Due to the calf strain and a possible slight change in your gait. And the new inlays. Those inlays are the bad guys, if you'd ask me... Plus...due to the injury the mind-foot link might have been 'interrupted'. Meaning...you need to do some exercises to help your mind-foot link remember. It needs to 'remember' how to get up on your toes again. This is actually not that uncommon for injured runners.
She: That sounds plausible...

After that the PT made me do several exercises. Strange exercises, so be it. But...the next morning I could get up on my toes without any help. It still hurts, but the limping isn't as bad as it was. So, I'm going with my Sports PT on this one. :)


Unknown said...

Argh, so frustrating! Hope the new exercises help!

Unknown said...

In my experience a sports PT is better qualified for dealing with sports injuries, as that is their passion and they will experience these sort of complaints more often. The MD makes a good point to train if the pain lets you - wise advice.

Best of luck with the rehab!

LaVonne said...

Wow - unbelievable doctor's visit! How can they not be helpful AT ALL! And...why did you have to take your pants off?

misszippy said...

Killer all the different opinions we can get! But...sounds like the PT is on to something! Excellent!

Jessie said...

Im glad you got some hope! Also I tagged you as a stylish blogger! Check out my blog to find out what you have to do, if you want to participate!

Char said...

At least they agreed on one thing - the inlays have to go. I'm voting for the PT. He sounds like he knows what he's talking about. (and my PT always manages to get to the root of the problem with me)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Ms Duffy: Thanks! :)
@ Andy: Thanks for the advice! :)
@ Lavonne: I know! Why did I have to take my pants off?

Silly Girl Running said...

@ MissZippy: I truly hope he's on to something! :)
@ Jessie: Thanks! :) That's so sweet! :)
@ Char: I'm voting for the PT too, for know. Fingers crossed that these exercises work. :)

Kevin said...

If your FOOT was hurting why did you need to take off your pants? I could see having to roll up your pants.