Three Things Thursday

1. The Foot: I've been a good girl. At least, that's what my PT just told me. The exercises he advised me on doing: I've been doing those religiously. Everything to get my lower leg/foot going again. Plus, I've been doing extra core work.

Fingers crossed and knock on wood, but me being a good girl seems to pay off. At least, for now. I tried a short 3.8 mile/6K run last Tuesday and a short 5 mile/8K run yesterday. And The Foot seems okay-ish. There's a bit of a tired feeling going on there, but no excruciating pain yet.

For now, I'm glad I chose to listen to my Sports PT instead of to the Sports MD. :)

2. Exercise dresses: It's still freakishly cold out here, meaning I'm bundling up for evening runs, but yet I'm looking for an exercise dress. Mainly because the word is out that my favorite running brand ever (www.runningskirts.com) will add a running dress to their Spring line. I'm in love, and I haven't even seen the dress yet. An exercise dress seems like a great thing to wear to the gym. My cycling shorts will look less diaperish (is that even a word?) with a dress over it, I'm sure about that. Size wise I'm just a bit worried about my higth (5'9"): most dresses are actually shorter on me than the designer intented them to be... Any advice on the Nuu Muu dresses and tall girls? And could anyone fill me in on what the Runningskirts.com running dress will look like? I'm just being nosy, I know... ;)

3. Throwback Thursday: Moi. 2 years old, striking a pose with my beloved grandmother. I was quite the fashionasta back in the days. The way I pair that hat with the oversized bag: Louis Vuitton eat your heart out! ;) Plus, there is no way I could ever hide that I was born a redhead. :)


Emz said...


the bag is DIOR right?! ;) What a grandma. So. freaking. awesome.

Johann said...

Take it easy with that foot and keep on being a good girl. Soon you'll be your normal running self. Lovely photo of you and your grandmother!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: Sure, it's Dior! ;) And my grandmas was pretty awesome indead! :)

@ Johann: Thanks! :) Fingers crossed. :)

Jason said...

Great photo and love the fact that your grandma and I did the same thing....get uncomfortable on a small toy so the kids could laugh. Did it on my stepson's plastic motorcycle and the wife took a pic. Awesome Grandma!!!!!

Good luck with the foot.

Becka said...

Glad your foot is feeling better. Keep taking it easy!

Pretend this is real said...

Exercise dress?! I'm definitely intrigued.

Nordic Moxie said...

Our (Running Skirts) dresses will be perfect for you! There is added fabric (length) to the middle, so you can adjust (pull it up or pull it down). It will have the same great mesh waste band, so it will be comfortable, won't move around, and you won't have any pinching or muffin top disasters (not that you would have that problem miss slender thing).

If you haven't seen our marketing on the news, go to the RS fan page on FB and check out the video from a couple days ago. My co-worker Katri is wearing the Red Mini Dot dress. Hot!

I am super excited about this new addition to our line. And yes, you can wear for running, multisports, tennis, or even an swimsuit coverup or just a cute casual/sporty summer dress. We will have run buns to wear underneath too!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Jason: Hahahaha! She was quite the amazing person indeed! :)

@ Becka: Thanks, I will! :)

@ Pretend: So am I! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Nordic Moxie: Thanks for the info! That dress looks so cute! :)And with the added fabric, my tall Dutch body might just fit into it! :) When can I pre-order? ;) Wouldn't it be cool to run a mountain marathon in it! :)

Kevin said...

Cute pic!!