Endurance with a capital E

And the guy that puts the capital E in Endurance is Kilian Jornet. At least, in my book he is.

Kilian Jornet. Doesn't ring a bell? Shame on you! :)

For those of you that haven't heard of Kilian (yet!), this is him:

Yep, not that bad. ;)

Kilian Jornet is an endurance athlete from Spain / Catalonia who is mostly known for his ultra runnning victories. He won the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc twice. And came in third in 2010's Western states 100. Plus, recently he has set a new world record for both the Mount Kilimanjaro ascent and the combined ascent/descent. And would you believe that this guy is only 23 years old?

Not impressed yet? Watch this video of him setting the new World Record on Mount Kilimanjaro. This guy is a true inspiration, if you'd ask me. The will power he has: I'm in awe.


Johann said...

Oh yes, I know all about him. I follow all ultra supremes with interest. Here in South Africa we have our own ultra hero, Ryan Sandes. You should check him out. Have a super weekend!

Emz said...


look at that stride!!

Kevin said...

Ya!! I could do that!! :-)


misszippy said...

Yeah, just a little bit impressive!

Karen Seal said...

Wow...that's incredible!