Deco my Eco - Eco-friendly running gear

How eco-friendly are you? Where do you draw the line? What's one thing you wouldn't trade for an eco-friendly alternative?

Well, that thing doesn't have to be cute running gear. At least, in my book it doesn't. Last night I spent some time on the internet researching eco-friendly running gear. And guess what? There's a lot of cute stuff out there! Here's a list of great websites to check out!

Gaiam: Mainly Yoga gear, but they have some shirts/shorts/tights that look like they could be great for running.

Atayne: Short/long sleeves only (at least, I couldn't find bottoms on the website). For example: shirts made from 100% recycled water bottles. I like that idea!

Patagonia: I blogged about their running dresses a couple of weeks ago here. Patagonia is known for its eco-friendly products and has high quality cute-looking gear!

Lululemon: Has some eco-friendly running products. Check the product specs to find out whether or not the product you like is eco-friendly.

Golite: Nice looking website and their running gear looks great! I love the colors on their Tilly Jane Run Skirt.

Moving Comfort: Has some eco-friendly running products. For example, an eco-friendly running skirt. Check the product specs to find out whether or not the product you like is eco-friendly.

Moeben: Has an eco-friendly line. Their bamboo arm sleeves are beyond cute. Hard to find online retailers that have a wide selection of Moeben products, and ship to the Netherlands. :( Especially since I would so love to try out the Moeben shirts and dresses.

Rei: Has an eco-friendly 'tab' on their website that shows you the eco-friendly products on their website.

Do you have any websites/companies to add to this list? Please share!


Kovas said...


misszippy said...

I know Title Nine features some bamboo products, just don't know by what brand. Do you get Title 9 there?

RunningRonald said...

Golite ziet er wel heel goed uit! enneh.. deze is wel iets voor jou :)

The Green Girl said...

Thanks for the links - I never heard of some of these brands so thanks for sharing!

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

Smartwool and Raw Threads are others.

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks for sharing, all! :)

@ RunningRonald: That isn't even remotely funny. ;) Plus, I already own these socks. He! ;)

P said...


Really hard to find ecofriendly runwear, still in 2014! This is one company, though.