Tuesday Tidbits - Things I love

1. Puppies and Vibram Five Fingers:

2. Companies that have great, amazing, 'wow' customer service. Moeben deserves a huge shout-out: their customer service is hands down amazing! I'm seriously in awe. As from today I'm not only a fan, but also a loyal customer. More on this one later. Post coming up! :)


M said...

That puppy pic is adorable!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

Your dog is so cute!!!
I really want to get a pair of vibram fivefingers, it is gonna be my next splurge!!

misszippy said...

I love good customer service--an art that is too often forgotten these days! Good for you for giving a shout-out to Moeben.

ATTrio said...

Hey thanks for sharing!! I am totally gonna buy a pair of those arm bands. What a cool company!