Three Things Thursday

1. The Feet: Black Toenails? Problem solved. Enough said.

The pinky toe on the right foot. Well...there's really no point anymore in drowning that one in nail polish. The nail is coming off in the most crumbly way possible...

2. Team Hole in the Wall at New York City Marathon fundraising: Thanks to Stichting Evellius and medisch-fit.nl my fundraising for Team Hole in the Wall got a huge kick in the butt. My original fundraising goal was to raise $3,000. This would cover the costs of one seriously ill child going to one of the Hole in the Wall camps. Thanks to Stichting Evellius, medisch-fit.nl and all your generous donations, I'm now up to $5,665. Needless to say that I now have my hopes set on raising enough money to cover the costs of two seriously ill children going to camp.

All these generous donations... I feel humbled, excited, happy, ready to jump around the room... Speechless.

3. UV protection: Hot spring or summer weather + trying to train for a 50-miler = spending lots and lots of hours outside. Add my natural redhead status to that (and the freckled pale skin that comes with that package), and, seriously, I need to be careful. As the Redhead pointed out a couple of days ago, freckles might look cute, but could lead to something far less cute. Not only us redheads out there, but every runner should be careful when spending so much time in the sun.

So, I've been looking into UV-protective clothing. I'm still on it, but plan on putting up a blogpost on it as soon as I've found enough info to make a 'ready to share' blogpost. For now: Runningwarehouse has a UV-protection tab that has some clothing in it. Plus, Moeben has very cute UV-protective running gear (Note to self: find retailer that is willing to ship Moeben gear to the Netherlands).

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Running Mama said...

Sounds like you're a busy girl. :) Keep wearing that sun block!!