April recap/stats

Miles / Km planned / ran: 120 miles / 192 km planned 125 miles / 199.9 km ran - Apparently running 2 marathons in 2 weeks and in the same month with rest/taper in between will bring your mileage down...

Rest days planned / taken: 10 / 10 - taper taper

Highest mileage / km week: 25/4 - 30/4 : 39.7 miles / 63.5 km - again due to the two marathons in two weeks thing...

Long runs planned / ran: 4 / 4

Pace / speed work outs planned / ran: 4 / 4 (Because a marathon counts as a pace work out in my book....)

Cross training work outs planned / done: 5 / 5

Donuts burned: 92 (What? Only 92? I ran two bleeping marathons)

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Laughing my butt off over the outfits of some of the guests of the Royal Wedding in the UK. Seriously, Beatrice and Eugenie: what were you thinking?

Current obsession: Checking ultramarathon websites to check whether or not my training is on track.

Current drink: Still fennel tea, water and diet coke. And Gatorade. I'm boring.

Current song: Snoop Dogg - Sweat. No kidding.

Current need: The cure for my bleeping feet and toenails. Bruised, black, ingrown toenails. Ouch. That ingrown toenail prevented me from heading out for a 10-miler yesterday. So did the bloody Calf. My body is screaming 'NO!' after this two marathons in two weeks thing. At least, I hope so. Fingers crossed this won't be a long-term thing...

Current triumph: Running two marathons in two weeks, both in up in the 80's heat, and PR-ing with a sub-4 on the second one. :)

Current bane of my existence: My toenails and feet.

Current blessings: Running two marathons in two weeks. :) And my mom cycling next to me for every single mile / km on the second one. :)

Current excitement: Running a sub-4 marathon. :)


ATTrio said...

Running two marathons in two weeks is VERY impressive. How do you train for these types of things? Do you run you your long runs slow or at your goal pace? I am a newbie marathoner and any trips would be GREATLY appreciated. alwaystrainingtrio.blogspot.com -Jen

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Amazing month. Still in awe of those back to back marathon!

Kovas said...

Outstanding! Have you checked out http://www.fixingyourfeet.com/ for your foot problems?

Run Jess Run said...

Great job this month!