Three Things Thursday

1. The Feet: Black toenails? Problem solved.

Pink and red nail polish didn't hide the fact that there is a black toenail thing going on there. So, darkish grey nail polish it is! Très Chanel Summer 2009. As in a couple of seasons ago.

As for the pinky toe on my right foot... Well, let's just say 'silly me for thinking the toenail would come off in one piece...'. It's abandoning the ship in the most crumbly way possible as we speak. ;).

2. Team Hole in the Wall at NYC Marathon Fundraising update:
Thanks to Stichting Evellius and medisch-fit.nl and their incredibly generous donations, my fundraising for Team Hole in the Wall has gotten a huge kick in the butt! My original fundraising goal was $3,000: the amount of money needed to send one seriously ill child to one of the Hole in the Wall camps. Thanks to Stichting Evellius,
medisch-fit.nl and the incredible bloggers out there that donated on my fundraising page, I'm now up to $5,665. I feel incredibly happy, humbled, amazed... I honestly can't describe how excited I am! Thanks so much! Means the world!

Needless to say that I now have my mind set on trying to raise $6,000! It would be amazing to raise this amount of money and to give two seriously ill childeren the opportunity to go to one of the Hole in the Wall camps!

3. UV protection: I'm a natural born redhead. The freckled skin comes with the package. As the Redhead pointed out a couple of days ago, freckles aren't 'just cute'. They could transform into something far less cute. Yeugh!

So, since the thought of skin cancer scares the sh*t out of me and the 'just slapping on sunscreen approach' won't cut it for this girl, especially not when out there on a long run (or, in the 'training for a 50-miler' plan, really long runs), I could use a bit of extra help. UV-protective clothing it is.

Runningwarehouse has a 'UV Protection' section on their website that has some cute looking shirts and shorts. Plus, Moeben has super cute UV protective arm sleeves, skirts and shirts (fingers crossed that I will someday find a way to make a retailer ship Moeben gear to Europe...).

I'm still looking into it, but will turn it into a blog post when I have collected some 'ready to share' info.

In the meantime: please share any 'UV protective running gear' info!


Johann said...

Your toes don't look much different from mine and I don't have any nail polish on them. Only difference is I only have 8 toenails at the moment. That's great that you have raised that amount already!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Johann: Hahahaha! Toenails are optional, right? ;)

Morgan said...

I totally rocked the dark polish toes for months while I was training for and after my first marathon... it was a disaster. Eight toenails died! EIGHT! Just own the look and take pride in your "badges of honor." :)

I get UV protection in the form of serious sunscreen application. I have never thought of getting clothes that offered it... aren't those long sleeved usually? I don't know if I could handle that during summer runs. I'm very interested in seeing what you decide on and how it works out. Def keep us posted!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Morgan: Eight? You lost EIGHT toenails? Hello Ms Hardcore! As for the UV protection: yes, I think it would involve covering my arms. Hmmm...not too sure about that, but there seems to be a special kind of fabric that keeps you cool. Even when the temps are in the 90's. Will keep you posted!

giraffy said...


Seriously. I love that color.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love your nails and sandals!

I am among the toenails are for sissy crew since I only have a few intact ones currently. ;-)

Great job on fund raising!

I am bad about sunscreen esp. in the winter and spring. it seems like I have to remember that the sun is actually touching my skin after being so covered up! (My face I wear sunscreen every day anyway)

T said...

Just a thought, but you know, you could always get one of your many avid readers in the states to ship Moeben stuff to you. It's not a perfect solution, but something tells me that I know someone who would be willing to do it if you offered to buy her a drink come November... :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, T! That's sweet! I'll keep it in mind! Zombierunner seems to be out of most of the sizes, though. I'll wait till they restock. And I'll buy you that drink either way. ;)