Three Things Thursday - quickie edition

1. Amino acids: My MD and PT advised me to pay close attention to my diet. To make sure that I'm getting all the vitamins, etcetera I need. My MD pointed out that Amino acids could be a useful addition to any long distance runner's diet. I've been looking into it, but am still not quite sure about in what amount I should add amino acids to my diet, and if I should do so at all. Any thoughts on this one?

2. Tired: Last Sunday's marathon and crazy busy days at work have taken the best of my energy levels. I'll be hitting the sack early tonight. And I feel wimpy because of that. Enough said. ;)

3. Reviews: I have several reviews coming up: Merrell Pace Gloves, Moeben arm sleeves, Moeben running skirt and Eco-friendly sleeveless shirt, and - oh yeah - the Punk Rock Racing 'Runner Runner Runner' technical tee. If you happen to have any thoughts on any of these products, please share! I'd like to add any input to the reviews! Thanks :)


misszippy said...

Love my Merrell Pace Gloves! Really nice shoe.

Do NOT feel wimpy--your body needs the rest to recover.

M said...

In no way should you feel wimpy! I had a boss who used to say "You always have to take the time to sharpen your saw, or eventually the blades will just go dull from no rest." Rest is just as important!

As for aminos, I have heard great things about Bragg's Liquid Aminos : http://www.bragg.com/products/la.html

Some folks I know use it like soy sauce!

Molly said...

I've been taking Amino Acids in a pill form, I read about their benefits in Jackie Warner's Book.

Denis Markov said...

My input about arm sleeves is that I hardly imagine someone who may really need arm sleeves :)

OK, well, I probably accept their use for TT-bike sessions, when you want to be 100% aerodynamic and don't want to shave arms :)