Confessions of a redhead: I have a bit of a crush

This guy is not only a real-life hero, but also a true inspiration. And not bad to look at either. Yep, it's no secret that I have a bit of a crush on Mr. Krupicka. If only he were looking for a nutso boring lawyer that talks a lot. Meeeh...just my luck. ;)


ATTrio said...

Whoa he is amazing, I guess I will re-think my idea of what I can run in the winter. And he is kinda cute ;)

Coy Martinez said...

His blue eyes are pretty....pretty. Not too shabby :)

I love that this guy just runs

Ms. Duffy said...

Yeah, Anton's HOT. And you know, as a lawyer you could help him upgrade from his borderline homeless lifestyle. And hopefully shower more. But seriously, I make an exception to my "no long hair it's the 2010's" rule for him.