Race photos 101 - How to work the 'tongue' pose

A short 'how to' on a more advanced race photo pose: the 'Tongue'.

Think 'Heidi Klum', then think 'Drag Queen', then think 'Kiss cover band'...and....strike a pose!
Really no need to fake this one. There are only so many Gu gels a girl can eat....

Think 'Nanananana!' at mile 25...and...Strike a pose!
(All photos above: photo courtesy Bjorn Paree)

Another great way to mess up race photos: cry in the last meters of the race... And do a double chin thing at the same time...

And if that doesn't mess up your race photos, you could always try the 'throw a death stare at the photographer while showing a great example of bad running form'...


Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

Your now sporting the pink duct tape?


Silly Girl Running said...

Yep, Kevin, that would be about right. ;)