Eco-trail de Paris 50 miler (Teaser)

About that 50 miler... Full race report (with pics) coming a.s.a.p.. For now...a quick preview. :)

I. Had. A. Freaking. Blast. Still smiling just thinking about it (enter room mate at the firm looking funny at me...).

Last Saturday, March 24th 2012, I was lucky and fortunate enough to participate in the Eco-trail de Paris 50 miler (although the course measured long and it turned out to be 83-ishK / 52-ish miles) in Paris, France. Amazing weather (too hot...and this girl doesn't do well in heat...you probably know that by now...) and amazing course. The race directors managed to map out an amazing trail race around Paris. A hilly race through beautiful forests (about 1,500 meters / 4,900 ft of elevation gain). On the terrain of the most amazing Chateaus (yep, that's 'Castles' in French). Finish line on (yes, ON, as in walking stairs up the Eiffel Tower to finish the race) the Eiffel Tower. Loved it. Loved it, loved it. :)

Due to the temps (this hot in March...seriously?) and the crazy busy week I'd had at work (and the lack of sleep the nights before), I planned on 'ultra touristing' this race. I.e. taking a sh*t load of photos, treating the aid stations as a buffet (oh yeah!) and trying to keep that smile on my face from start to finish. :) And that's exactly how it worked out. The running gods must have been with me last Saturday: I ended up having a blast, found myself singing on several occasions (sorry, about that...I must have traumatized at least a dozen of fellow runners), and met some cool people en route. Ran into a really nice French guy - Patrick - after 46K (29-ish miles) and ended up running with him for the rest of the race. Patrick, thanks for making me laugh out loud. :) I actually felt sad it was over after 10 hours and 9 minutes (slowpoke for life ;)). I feel blessed. :)

So, since I took a sh*t load of photos, I'll need some time to upload those. The official race pics aren't online yet. I'll try and work on the uploading of the photos I took tonight - be prepared for being photo bombed later this week. ;)


Becka said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

slow poke? 10:09 for a 50 miler is awesome!

John said...

Well done slowpokie ;) You did it, and cleary had fun doing it! Looking forward to go through the load of pictures.
See ya soon.

Gert said...

Knap gedaan!

Johann said...

Congratulations! That sounds like such a great race to do. Glad you had such a good time out there.

Ness said...

wow you are Amazing! Chapeau :)