Pace Bunny Galore

It had to be done. It just had to be done. Running buddy A needed to get herself that sub-2 Half Marathon PR. Luckily she also figured 'it has to happen', and gave herself the whole of 2011 to get that PR. Pacer Bunny Galore (a.k.a. moi) figured 'why not start off the year right' - mid February would be perfect for Running buddy A's first sub-2. ;)

Yesterday's race (Groet uit Schoorl Run 2011, Schoorl, The Netherlands) was where it was going to happen. One way or another. :) I figured that if I'd use this half marathon as a marathon pace training run, I could pace Running buddy A to a sub-2 while I was at it. Sounds like a plan! She would probably hate me for most of the race, but apparently that's a pace bunny's faith. ;)

The Start line

Let's just say that we were fashionably late. Hollywood Style. Due to being late, our corrals had already closed. No stress there, there were lots and lots of runners still waiting to cross the start line, so we just waggled along with the rest of them.

Miles 1-5 (1K - 8K)

Beautiful surroundings! I was having a blast! Running buddy A was pushing it, but her pace was spot on! Yeah, baby!

Miles 6-7 (9K - 11.5K)

Half way point. Still feeling great! Running buddy A was doing okay and keeping up the pace.

Miles 8-12 (12K - 19K)

Legs felt great, pace felt great (this marathon pace tempo run thing works!) took my first (and only) energy gel (Power Bar Vanilla). I sort of promised Running buddy A not to mention how she was feeling at this point (better known as 'the events of mile 8-12). Me telling her she's a rock star in my book, didn't help - at all. ;) ;) I'm pretty sure she hated my guts at this point. ;) We dropped the pace, and that helped her to feel a bit better. Luckily! :)

Miles 13 and .1 (20/21K)

The finish line was within reach! My legs, The Foot and The Calf were - surpisingly - still a-ok! Love using a race as a marathon pace run! I could have gone on for another couple of miles! Meanwhile, Running buddy A and I chicked some guys and we crossed that finish line together. :) Best thing about it: Running buddy A killed this race! She finished in 1:57:51. That's a heck of a sub-2! Plus, on the way back - in the car - she was already talking about aiming for a sub-1:55 later this year. Hello, Ms Speedy!

Race Photos 101 - How to mess up race photos two races in a row

Could you tell - by looking at me - that this photo was taken right before the finish line? Yeah, that's what I was thinking... I just need to work on my race photo skills. Again, I look like I'm just cruising along. Embarrassing at least... Now look at Running buddy A next to me: that's how a race photo is supposed to be!

I. Love. My. Newtons. Honestly, I'm ready to marry these shoes! So light!

Eyes closed - or race photo 'Silly Girl Running' style. This 'eyes closed - goofy face' look comes naturally to me - don't be jealous. ;) Running buddy A on the other hand, looks mega speedy!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

hmm in love with your newtons? i've been considering them...seriously like i need to spend more money on shoes, stop telling me what you love! :)

way to go on running with a friend and having a good time

rinusrunning said...

Mooie tijd en fijn je eens in het eggie gezien en gesproken te hebben.

Bonnie said...

Oh no I was just talking about the Newtons yesterday. I was wondering if they were any good.

the dawn said...

good work! and those pictures are not that bad at all! i've seen some much worse :) you two look great at the finish line. way to stick with your buddy through the rough patch and get her across the line with time to spare!

what kind of newtons do you have? i have long lusted, but never forked over the money...

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Amanda: The Newtons are worth the money. ;)

@ Rinus: Leuk om je eens ontmoet te hebben! Toch mooi als je tempo-duurloopje van jezelf met PR-poging van je loopmaatje kan combineren. :)

@ Bonnie: Yep, they are (any good). ;)

@ the dawn: I have the Lady Isaacs and the racers (the pink ones - I only use those for 5 and 10K's).

Morgan said...

Great job ladies!!! You are an excellent pacer bunny!!!

Annet said...

I'm really happy with the 1:57+ for now :) thanks for pacing. and I'm pretty sure I didn't really say nasty things to you, not even at the terrible 8 to 12...

John said...

Great job pacing your buddy resulting in her sub 2 personal best. Nice to have met and spoken, although very short ;-), you both.
Curious where and when A will run the 1:55.

Beth said...

Congrats on your pain-free MP race, and your friend's sub 2:00! How awesome to hit your goal for the year two months in!!

Run Jess Run said...

What about the dude next you guys with the cape??