Race photos 101 - How to mess up race photos

1. Chat your way to the finish line. There's really no point in speeding it up. Why would you? You'll look slow: guaranteed.

Just cruising...Ladieda

2. Close your eyes and work that goofy face. And mess up your running form while you're at it.
Worst thing about this photo: the photographer actually has this photo on his website - right next to the photo search form... i.e. for everyone to see... Great. Note to self: must find way to sue photographer for using bad photos...
3. Continue to keep your eyes closed, and put some effort in trying to look like you're speed walking. Way more 'bad @ss' than trying to look like a runner.
The skirt might actually be the only 'good' thing about this photo. ;)
The Race
On a more happy note: I 'raced' (well, ran, since I used the race as a long slow distance run - 2:44 hours) 17.2 miles / 27.5K (Midwintermarathon Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) without too much pain in my left calf/left foot. It was hard not to get all excited and race this thing. I religiously kept my pace at 9:30 miles / 6 min/km. Just as the pace should be for a LSD. Not too bad. Plus, I chatted my way through those 17.2 miles / 27.5K. What a great way to end the weekend. :)


Karen said...

I agree....you don't look bad but I bet the photographer loved your skirt! :0)

Karen said...

Way to go on the race, by the way! Great job!! :0)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Karen: Haha! Thanks! ;)

sheila said...

Geweldig beschreven allemaal!
Ik neem je daily kick in the butt mee.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ sheila: Dank! :)

Morgan said...

LOL! I love the pics! Great job sticking to your guns and not getting all crazy~!

Zoë said...

Awesome job! Yeah, the photographer totally loved your outfit because you look great! :)

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Is blue the new pink?


Jessie said...

Your race photos are awesome compared to mine. I always look like Im trying to give birth or something. Your outfits are so cute!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Morgan: Thanks!

@ Zoë: Hahaha, thanks. ;)

@ Kevin: Yes it is! ;)

@ Jessie: Hahahahaha! That's hilarious!