Utrecht Marathon recap

50 miler two weeks ago + another planned marathon in just a couple of days + shitty weather + strong headwinds + the most boring course you can think of = not a happy camper.
I must have cursed that course a zillion times. And those strong headwinds. For 36K of the total 42.2K. Seriously. What the heck was up with that?
To sum it up: I cursed a lot. I got bored to a point where jumping into the canal to go for a swim seemed like the fun way to go. I seriously considered taking a detour at 30K (19 miles) to finish those last miles/kms on trails. My legs felt that 50 miler 20K/12 miles in. Thank the running gods John was sweet enough to check in on his bike once every few miles. Again, not a happy camper. ;)
After the 36K / 23 mile point the course got better. More support. More people cheering us on. Enter moi being bored to a point where I kept looking for things to make fun of, and you can guess what happened. And yes I did boogie with John and Kees 39.5K / 25 miles into that marathon. :) I seriously messed up the chance of a decent finish time there. 3 hours, 49 minutes and 14 seconds after crossing the start line I knew why I prefer trails. Let's just leave it to that. ;) Slowpoke for life, baby! ;)
(Yep, I know I'm slow, but apparently that doesn't keep others from judging me: I was just told by some elite runners that I'm not a talented long distance runner, and that I'm setting a bad example for this sport. Ouch. That hurts.)
I'll let the pics do the talking. (Photo courtesy Bjorn Paree)
11K in.
39K in.
My thoughts on the course and the strong headwinds.
Finish line. Strong headwinds to sum up the day.
Finish line pic. Spot the rain?


Holly D said...

I hope that the blue undies pic was your reply to those "elite runners". Tell them to suck it and keep having fun out there!

kit said...

Welke oenige "elite" runner, durfde je dat te vertellen??? Tjee misschien moet ik een praatje gaan maken... maar ik ben waarschijnlijk nog een slechter voorbeeld, maar ach wie wil er nu een voorbeeld zijn?? Zo saai...

John said...

Met die Eco trail in de benen, een marathon in het voortuizicht en een oersaai parcours...een prima tijd voor een slowpokie ;)
Alleen een loper heeft begrip voor de bui waar je in terecht was gekomen, dus mocht je schelden zoveel je wilde. Maar..de volgende keer blijft de fiets thuis en lopen we samen. NIET in Utrecht!

Ness said...

Hey Silly Girl... I am reading your blog and i am laughing...it was nice seeing you! I am not sure why you consider yourself a slow runner, running a 50 miler and jumping into a marathon in these conditions and finishing with that time!!! I wouldn't call myself slow!!! RESPECT!!
By the way... nice ass!! :D

Silly Girl Running said...

John: deal! It's on like donkey kong! :)

En, thanks, he? Dat je m'n gechagrijn aangehoord hebt. :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, Speedy Ness! :)

RunningRonald said...

laat ik nou net gelijk beginnen met nice ass :) maar ik heb je al gezegd wat ik wilde schrijven.. je bent gewoon een bikkel als je deze M er gewoon ff tussendoor doet. Topper!!

Johann said...

I can really feel what you felt through this report. I am so slow I wonder what elite athletes think of me! I agree...trails it will be!

John, RunningCobbler said...

You can feel you ran like shit, you didn't run with shit!
And I liked to boogie with you too!