Note to self - before running

If only I would have known a year ago, what I know now about running... I would have been in wayyyyy less pain and I would have been wayyyyy less frustrated.

A note to me - before I started running.

If I only would have known:

6. Eat right. This means: easy on the creamy pastasauces, easy on melted cheese on your pasta/bread/whatever, and easy on fast food. No brainer actually. Your stomach will thank you when you're running your long run the next day.

5. Toenails are overrated! Really, they are. Someday you will find yourself at a point where you're actually happy when your toenails are just bleu/blackish, and not falling off.

4. Slow long runs are supposed to be slow. That's why they are called SLOW long runs. There is no point in speeding on those runs; it will only work against you.

3. Going from not running at all, to running 5 times a week = not a great idea, like, not a great idea at all. Going from not running at all, to running 5 times a week, without proper warm-up, cooling down and stretching-routine = even worse. And there's nr. 2

2. Increasing your weekly mileage by > 50% + no warming up + no cooling down + no stretching = injuries! Hence my shin splints on both (!) legs.

1. Shoes: proper running shoes! Proper running shoes are not 'the kicks you pulled out of a box and that must have been in there for at least 5 years' (OK, now you know what shoes I started running in...). Go to a running store, and get yourself some good advice! Your feet and the rest of your body will thank you!

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