Race recap: Repower Seelaufserie 4K race in Davos, Switzerland

Sure, I would have been faster with this cat screaming at me :)

Ran: 2.5 miles / 4K pace-workout 19:27 min - Repower Seelaufserie 4K Race in Davos, Switzerland

Just a short message all the way from the Swiss Alps. It's still freezing cold out here, but actually that cold is great to run in! :)

Had a pace-workout scheduled tonight; the last one before the marathon this Saturday. There was a race in Davos, Switzerland tonight, so I figured that I'd rather race and do the pace-workout at the same time, than just do the pace work-out. Lazy, huh? ;)

It was a local race. About 110 participants, and it's held on a hilly course around the Davos Lake. Great crowd! And very well organized for such a small race. Planned on running it as a pace work-out, so I tried to stick to a 4.50 min / km pace. Great run and finished in 19:27 min. Not bad for a pre-marathon work-out. :)

And, yeah, I'm still slow. :) The first woman finished in about 15 min; fast! Still came in 6th in my age group, but wasn't even close to the speedy ladies! :)

Getting more nervous for the marathon every minute!

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