Inov-8 Terroc 308 Womans trail running shoe review

I've been doing my off-road work-outs on the Inov-8 Terroc 308 trailrunning shoe for a couple of months now, and I have to say I love these shoes! I have both the Terroc 308 and the Flyroc 310. I will post a review on the Flyroc 310 (these are also great; especially for muddy conditions) soon.

Womans trail running shoe

The Inov-8 Terroc 308 is a trail running shoe created for women. Its last is shaped specifically for a womans narrower foot and heel shape.


The Inov-8 Terroc 308 is a trail running shoe. It's not just a running shoe with a grippy sole added to it. The Terroc 308 has less cushioning than normal running shoes, and is - you can tell this by looking at it - lower to the ground. For example, it doesn't have the chunky heel that most running shoes have. This is also what makes the Terroc 308 a great shoe for natural running. I use the Terroc 308 just for running trails and hard surface tracks, and find it has enough cushioning for that kind of running. Also, I'm planning on running a mountain marathon (the Swiss Alpine Marathon K42) in these babies.

Neutral shoe

The Inov-8 Terroc 308 is a shoe designed for neutral runners. I have a pronation problem, and therefore added an insole (just a Mysole-sole - no custom orthotics). Inov-8 added some technology to the shoe (medial and lateral posting) to help aid pronation and supination. For me the insole and the medial/lateral posting-technology do the trick. Plus, in trail running the whole pronationsupport thing is up for discussion (Google it; lots of articles on it).


The Inov-8 Terroc 308 has a mesh upper. I used the shoes in the snow, and really didn't get freezing feet (wet, though, but strange enough not cold). And my feet are usually freezing, so this is a biggie! I also used the shoes running through little streams, and the water goes right through the mesh, and won't stay in the shoe. Your feet get soaked, but because of the mesh, they dry very quickly. Therefore, no complaints about the upper.


The Inov-8 Terroc 308 fits true to size and is great for normal to narrow feet. I have narrow feet and the fit couldn't have been better. Never had a blisterproblem with these babies.


The greatest asset of the Inov-8 Terroc 308; it has great traction. The outsole has grippy rubber on it, and that works! A couple of months ago I was running down a hill through the snow, and did not slip at all! The Terroc 308 is, as I said before, lower to the ground than a normal running shoe, and that makes that you are more stable in rough terrain. The shoe performs excellent on mixed terrain.

The Terroc outsole


This shoe is light! With only 300 grams, it feels like you're just wearing slippers.

Well, you can tell I love these shoes, huh!

I would recommend these shoes to anyone that's into trail running. Check out Inov-8's website: http://www.inov-8.com/


Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks Tricia! These shoes are pretty great. The company was founded just a couple of years ago, but they have a great thing going. :)

Sypke en Beitske said...

They sound nice. Where do you buy them in NL? I just bought a pair of Adidas Kanadia for agility and snowy winter runs.

Silly Girl Running said...

@Sypke en Beitske: Via Koos Rademaker van Rademaker Sports in Leusen. Website is www.rademakersports.nl. Staan ook de contactgegevens op. Hij heeft alle modellen van Inov-8 staan plus nog een hoop kleding, e.d.. Zeg maar dat je via deze review komt.

Sypke en Beitske said...

Ik zie dat er ook Inov-8 schoenen bestaan die geschikt zijn voor nat gras. Ik heb een paar trail running schoenen van Adidas aangeschaft voor behendigheid, die hebben ook goede antislipeigenschappen. Hopelijk krijgen we ook weer veel sneeuw komende winter!

Silly Girl Running said...

@Sypke en Beitske Ik heb het inderdaad ook eerst op trailschoenen van bekende hardloopmerken geprobeerd, maar ben sinds ik de Inov-8's heb geprobeerd helemaal om. Duidelijk verschil. Inov-8 is een merk dat zich alleen maar op de trailmarkt richt, en dat verschil merk je! Is echt het proberen waard! Ik wissel nu twee paar af voor het Canicrossen, en overweeg om voor de winter nog een extra paar aan te schaffen.