Marathon Etiquette

Ran: 3.2 miles / 5K - 30 min - pre-marathon recovery run
Apparently there is something called 'Marathon Etiquette'. Just when you think you found a sport that makes it perfectly fine to burp, fart, and pee in the bushes whenever you feel like it / really have to go, someone mentions 'Marathon Etiquette'. Great!

I found an article on Marathon Etiquette on http://www.lifemojo.com/lifestyle/race-etiquette-for-runners-3356989. Having read the article, in my opinion Marathon etiquette basically comes down to this:
1. Follow the instructions of the race officials at the start line; if you are a slower runner, which is fine, don't start at the front of the pack; a.k.a. stick to your corral!;
2. Look before you spit or sneeze (there is always a 'Spitting Guy' in a race, so this one should be on signs througout the course! At least in my humble opinion...);

3. Easy on the groaning, grunting and wheezing; not nice to listen to for your fellow runners! We are all in pain, just no need to make the other runners feel miserable;

4. Don't stop suddenly to walk on the course or at water stations; move to the side of the road! Ofcourse, when in a mountain marathon, it's perfectly fine to walk on the course and to hang around at water stations;

5. Don't suddenly change directions or cut off other runners; this one is a no brainer, actually;

6. Smile at and say 'thank you' to the race volunteers; OK, smiling might be a bit much to ask for at some point, but do say 'thank you' when handed a cup of water.

Good news: no word on the burping and farting, so I guess there's no problem with that. ;) :)

Do you have any thoughts on racing etiquette?


Miriam @ Sometimes Sporty said...

I always try to encourage other runners as I pass them later in the race. I wish everyone followed good racing etiquette.

I found your through a comment on another blog. My running partner is a creme standard poodle.


Silly Girl Running said...

Great advice! Encouraging comments are what helps you through those last miles!

Love your blog! Great to meet a fellow poodle loving-runner! My King Poodle - named King :) - is black and a great running partner! :)