Three Things Thursday

Ran: 3.4 miles / 5.4K - 30 min - easy run (as scheduled) - took Lord en Diddy with me (Canicross!)
1. Apparently, they are selling diapers for cats now. Yep, that's right: diapers - for - cats. I really can't wait to take a look at that business plan; very curious which story they told the bank to get the loan to get them started.

Even more shocking: people actually buy these things. Since one of my cats (still haven't figured out which one) peed in the living room yesterday evening (probably got scared by a loud noise), I might have to consider trying one of these things. On the other hand, I would probably be totally scratched up before I even got the thing on one of my cats.

2. La Lohan is in jail...again...the poor thing (yeah, I'm being sarcastic here). Now 'experts' say that she got filler in her lips before going to jail:


a. Why, for crying out loud, is this 'breaking news'? Nothing to write about the oil spill/Third World hunger, etc.? Just wondering...;

b. Orange is not a good colour on Lindsay...at least, in my opinion it's not;

c. Just assume that she did get the filler; why would you do this before going to jail? You know the other inmates are planning on treating you as the 'flavour of the week' anyway, so why trigger that?

3. I have my outfit for the Swiss Alpine Marathon K42 laid out already and am planning on wearing the red plaid runningskirt from http://www.runningskirts.com/. Well, not just the skirt, ofcourse, that would be silly: I will also wear a t-shirt, a jacket, compression socks, etc. Just wearing the skirt would be a bit too much...but only just a bit.

How cute is this?

The thing is, there is a 6000+ ft elevation in this marathon, and therefore you could end up in the snow/rain/hail. A.k.a. extreme cold. You never really know with that mountain weather in the Swiss Alps. I have the Athletic Skirt with compression shorts underneath. A bit more warmth than the skirts with a brief, so I guess I should be fine. Or at least I hope so.

Already took the skirt out for a test run, and its comfy! However...fellow runners did ask me where I'd put the old bagpipe. Ha! Funny - not!


Jennifer P said...

I love your outfit for your upcoming trail race. A bagpipe would be fitting. I tried on the pink version of that the other day and it wasn't pretty. And let me know how the cat diapers work out - our cats are getting old and cranky and share their feelings with us by peeing on everything in sight.

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks Jennifer! I'll consider that bagpipe then. ;) And will keep you posted on the cat diaper thing; the things they come up with these days...