Things I do NOT want to hear in the last week before the Swiss Alpine Marathon

4. "The Swiss Alpine Marathon K42? Gee, that's a hard course! Didn't you know that? You shouldn't be running that as a marathon debutant" - Hard course? You think? Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe that's why I've been doing all these hill workouts and strength training.

3. "Maybe you should wear a t-shirt saying 'If found on ground, please drag across finish line' Hahahaha" - OK, not funny, not funny at all. And so not true. If found on ground (or tumbled down the mountain) there are helis down the course waiting to fly you to the finish line / the hospital.

2. "Wow! The Swiss Alpine Marathon? That must have seemed like a great idea 3 months ago!" -OK, what are you trying to say here? That it's not a great idea? I think it's a fantastic idea, so zip it!

1. From a Swiss Alpine Marathon K42 veteran: "Hey, don't worry; it hurts like crazy up to a certain point, and then the pain just won't get any worse" - Gee, thanks buddy, great, just what I needed to hear!

And last but not least, a friend of mine was kind enough to point out that this sign is at the start line of the Swiss Alpine Marathon K42:

Well, 'bud'', that one is a bit old, isn't it? And don't get your hopes up on your birthdaypresent this year. :)


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Sounds like a great race! Run Strong and then tell us all about it.

AgileToes said...

Wow, you hear a lot of negativity before a race! I think part of being a marathon/ultra runner is realizing that you are the only person who can understand your capabilities, so shrug it off and smile pretty when you cross that finish line!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks so much Jogging Stroller Mama and Agile Toes for your comments and your encouraging words! I'll run strong and keep you posted! :)

Anonymous said...

i think you'll rock it! Best advice i ever got...If you think it will suck it will. If you think you'll hit the wall you will. If you think you're going to do awesome...you will.

Anonymous said...

Viel Glück! Laufen Sie hart! Haben Sie Spaß! Seien Sie sicher!

Lisa said...

OMG, people really said those things to you? Wow.

Good luck and thanks for the comment on my blog!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Long Legs on the loose Thanks Katye, for your support! I'm just going to think 'awesome, awesome' and realy try to rock it. Will even try to throw in a kick in the end! :)

@ Lisa Yep, they did; and now I'm even more determide to prove them wrong! :)