Funny little things - the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS

Let's show some Vibram FiveFingers' love!

The Spring 2011 Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS style looks pretty amazing. I'm already the proud owner of a pair of Bikilas - with the velcro strap, and wear those babies whenever I'll get the chance to. The only thing that's keeping me from wearing them at the moment, are the chilly temps and winter weather we've been having.

So, what's the difference between my good old Bikilas and the Bikila LS: the Bikila LS actually has laces to adjust the fit. Sounds like something I'd might just have to give a try! (Dear Vibram people, I would be happy to review a pair - please let me know if you need my address to send me a 'review' pair. ;) ;))

On to the stats.

The look

Photo courtesy of Vibram FiveFingers

Yep, Vibram FiveFingers with a lacing system. Apart from the laces they look just like the 'velcro strap' Bikilas. They even have the padded heel section I love so much in the Bikilas.

The shoes have a closed 'speed lace' system.

The Bikila LS sole

I got these stats from the Vibram FiveFingers catalogue:
Photo courtesy of Vibram FiveFingers
- Vibram TC1 Performance rubber: VFF states that this delivers excellent 'foot feel' without compromising abrasion resistance;
- EVA arch: follows the contour of the foot: VFF states that this will reduce weight.
- Bikila Tread design: VFF states that this offers more traction over a variety of surfaces.
- 3mm Drilex covered Polyurethane footbed (thickest under the ball of the foot): VFF states that this offers more plating protection and reduced packing over a sustained period of time.
- 4mm anatomical pod outside design: VFF states that this distributes forefoot impact forces without compromising important ground feedback essential to a proper forefoot strike running form.

The upper

The upper of the 'velcro strap' Bikila is made of stretch polyamide. So I figured the Bikila LS would have the same upper. Uhm, nope. The upper is made of coconut active carbon fiber. I have never heard of that material! VFF explains that this gives the shoes some 'natural breathability'. Now I'll really have to try the Bikilas LS out!

Colorwise, the Bikilas LS come in blue/grey, green/grey and black for women, and in green/grey and black for men. Such a shame that the Bikilas LS don't come in the neon pink and blue/green of the 'velcro strap' Bikilas! But that's just me: I just love those vibrant colors!


Best thing (for messy me, that is)...like the Bikilas, the Bikila LS is machine washable. Hello muddy trails! :)


PunkRockRunner said...

I love my Vibrams (KSO) but have never run with them. They’re my walking shoes and (maybe) I’ll try them on a short trail run some day soon. I do plan on picking up a pair of the new ones in the very near future.

All the best,


Silly Girl Running said...

The Bikila are great. The padded heel prevents your heels from getting ouchie when you're running in them. At the Swiss Alpine Marathon last summer I actually spotted a guy that ran the whole thing in his VFF's.

Anonymous said...

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