Quickest way to get yourself to your marathon weight

Food Poisoning.

Came down with food poisoning early Monday AM (the reason why I haven't been blogging this week). Combined with sucky kidney shizzle, I was not a happy camper. I did not now my body was capable of this amount of puking. Fan-freaking-tastic. Lost quite some weight because of it. Weight wise this is pretty amazing considering this Sunday's planned marathon. Energy wise...that's a whole different story. Finishing would be a gift and something to be grateful for. Let's just leave it to that. 

The course takes you along a beach. There's no shame in hopping onto the beach to work on my tan, right? ;)

Did you ever get food poisoning pre race day?


Johann said...

I've had my share of food poisoning and it pretty much floors me. I won't be able to race if I am not completely cured. All the best!

Karen Seal said...

OH no!!! :0( So sorry that happened! Hope you are feeling 100% by marathon time!