The one that can not be paced

Yesterday was the first warm day of the year. Loved the sun. Loved the temps. However, did not love to race in these temps. Especially not after this week's hard interval work outs.

But, John tricked me into it. I didn't really have plans on yesterday's national holiday (Queen's Day), so when he suggested to run a 10K, I figured: 'Why not?'. It must have been the wine I had the day before, because it's no secret that I'm not a fan of 10K's. I'd rather run a marathon. I'm too slow for 10K's.

With a 12 PM start, the temps were already right up there. The sun was working its way through my pale skin. It only took me 500 meters into the race to undress myself. What else is new? The heat was bugging me, then my sucky kidney started to act up (ouch...peeing blood is one of the wonders a sucky kidney makes you experience...woo-hoo!) - add 'no wind' to the picture and sloggin the thing out was the way to go. John, my sincere apologies for boring the heck out of you and for not respecting the pace. :) Thanks for man pursing my handheld, though. ;) Managed to slog the thing out in 48:18. Which makes it a little slower than a HM-pace tempo run. In this heat. I'll take it. Did get me 1st in my AG and 4th Female overall. I guess all the speedy chicks were enjoying the weather. ;)

Some pics (John's wife Ans took those - so - photo courtesy to Ans). Yep, how to mess up race photos 101 - how to flash an entire town.
Yep, blinded by the (orange) light and blinded by the white. ;)

Checking if the girl behind me I'd just passed, wouldn't pass me again right before the finish line.


John said...

Aan bekijks hadden we in ieder geval geen gebrek ;-)
Balen van de nier, maar desondanks sterk gelopen. Dat PR verbeteren we wel een keer onder koelere omstandigheden.
No apologies needed.

T said...

Peeing blood?!?

Silly Girl Running said...

The occasional peeing blood came with the sucky kidney. For free.

That would put you in charge of bodily fluids at the 100. Can I still trick you into that one? ;)

RunningRonald said...

psttt. you may have forgotten but you are also a fast chick! Well done C, job well done!! Just put some more 10K into your agenda :)

Jen Feeny said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one rocking a day glo white stomach! LOL! Gotta love our pasty white skin! :) Great job out there chica.

Sanne said...

Ben net via via je blog tegengekomen, wat leuk om te lezen! En mooie tijden!