And even more Koning van Spanje Trail pics

More pics of Lordie in his first official long distance trail race. I'm that awkward mom showing way too many pics of her kid. And I'm aware of that. But somehow, that doesn't stop me. Sorry. ;)
Pre start:

En route:

"Dear Mr Photographer, I'm so over this slippery sh*t."
Finish line:

Okay, I promise I'll stop bugging you with Koning van Spanje Trail pics. For now. Maybe. ;)


Johann said...

I really love this! Wet...muddy...happy!

Bean said...

I think it is so great you got to race with your dog and you guys did such a great job. Looks like a lot of fun even with the mud:).

Unknown said...

I love love love the pics!!! Keep them coming! :) :) :)

Blondýna said...

sooo nice! Too dirty but still happy! Nice!

Anonymous said...

I wish every race allowed dogs!

RunningRonald said...

wat een blubberzooi :)) maar wel geweldig om te doen lijkt mij!