Race photos 101 - How (not) to rock the 'wet look'

Photos taken at last Sunday's 10 miler (Dam tot Damloop). How to work that silly face and mess up race photos in the rain. A short 'how to' guide:

Throw a heel strike in there once in a while. Just because you can.

Whenever the weather forecast says 'a heck of a lot of rain' on race day, wear white. Pair it with a bright colored sports bra. Be prepared for weird looks, though.

Do not close your mouth. This will make you look like a true intellectual.

Practice on looking like you're doing the bunny hop. Just ask your local kiddy day care for course dates.


B. Jarosz said...

I loved the captions, particularly the heel strike one. :)

dawn @ running the dawn said...

you look great! and i love the outfit. stellar!

Paula IJzerman said...

You're a crazy chick, you know that?! ;-)

Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

Hey, the guy in red kind of looks like Q.


Silly Girl Running said...

He does, Kevin, doesn't he? Makes me wonder if it really was Q. ;)