Everything for charity

And when I say 'everything', I mean 'everything'. :)
Lordie and I, and mom and Diddy, were in a charity race last Saturday. The girls that had organized the race were raising money for 'Hulphond Nederland' (partner of Assistance Dogs International). So, since both Lordie and Diddy are service dogs (well, Lordie didn't pass the exam and is technically a pet ;)), but Diddy 'works' as my mom's seizure alert dog), we were running with Lordie and Diddy. Fun! Money raised: over 8,200 Euro! Amazing! :)

So, where's the 'everything for charity' part? Well...here it is:

Yep, that's a tutu. :) Lordie is rocking that pink bow!

This was a fun run (5K) for charity. I did not plan on racing, and ended up pausing quite a few times, because Lordie was thirsty. It was a hot and humid day and way too hot for Lordie to be running...

Lordie, 1K in, right before he decided he was entitled a drink...every 800 meters...

Home stretch. It was way too hot for Lordie. Had to stop numerous times to let Lordie drink some water, made me slow down a lot (I wasn't racing to begin with), but still came in 5th overall in 25-ish minutes. Go figure. ;)

Service dogs at the finish line. :) The white one is still a puppy. ;)

So, I guess we could say the tutu wasn't so bad after all (no chafing!). I might just wear it again for another charity race. ;)


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the photos! You both look so cute. Nice job on "not" racing.

misszippy said...

You look great--both of you! Gotta do what you've gotta do, right?

Emz said...

FREAKING awesome.

And way to go on all the $$ raised!!

Love this!

Char said...

I think Lordie needs a matching tutu. He'd look so cute and your photos would be amazing.

Gert said...

Haha! Geweldig die foto's!

Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

Racing with the dogs is awesome. I would have done the race with Chewie if it was near me. He loves to run but his little legs will not take running more than about 2 miles. He looks like a mini verson of your black dog.


RunToTheFinish said...

animals are seriously so impressive with all the things they can do for us!