Redhead's delight - Moeben UV protective arm sleeves

I seriously believed that Runningskirts.com was the one and only love of my love.

But...along came Moeben. And their UV protective clothing. And now...Moeben has turned me into a polygamist (yup). Moeben is right up there with the Runningskirts.com skirts.

UV baby!

However, when this summery sun is out, I'm sticking with Moeben. I'm a natural redhead, and blessed with some seriously freckled and pale skin. Sunburn is my middle name. I literally had the sun leave me with blistered shoulders on several occasions. And yes, I do apply sunscreen. Apparently 'just sunscreen' won't cut it for this girl. Sigh... Sometimes I really do wish that I was born resembling one of those tanned surfer chicks... I'll just have to learn to live with that...

A little while ago Moeben hooked me up with a pair of their arm sleeves (among other things - seriously...amazing customer service!). In summer. Hmmmm... And this girl sweats a lot. Did not sound like a great plan to head out wearing arm sleeves... But...I caved and did try them on. In some seriously hot summer weather. And I was surpised to find that I did not feel the need to push them down to my wrists. Not even after 25 miles. And...no sunburn. At all! Halle-bleepin-lujah!

Ergo: I won't go out in sunny weather without these babies. I care about my freckled skin just a tad bit too much! And so should you! :)


As for their skirts: comfy. Very comfy. Enough said. :)

Moeben skirts are a bit shorter than the runningskirts.com ones... Enough said.

Those arm sleeves are a life saver!

Bonus: Moeben has amazing customer service. And I like that. :)

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M said...

My hubby is a fair skinned redhead too, but I don't think he'll go for sleeves :-\ But yay for no sunburns! woot woot!