Let's hear it for New York!!!

Just a short message from the Big A to the Apple (Okay, that's lame...I blame it on the pre marathon jitters! ;)).

Arrived safely and can't wait for Sunday to come! Since my mom has her (very well behaving) service dog with her, we expected to do New York in a less shopping kind of way. But, who knew, NY is very service dog friendly! :)

Let the countdown till Sunday begin!

Oh...and I totally overspent on the expo.....


Kevin said...

Good luck and do not forget to buy me something way cool!! :-) I can not wait to read the report.


Quinton J said...

I was thinking about you this morning on my run. Good luck. This is such an amazing experience...take it ALL in.
And try to get lots of pics...this RR is going to be wicked awesome. Brooklyn STAND UP!

Emz said...

Spend away woman! Buy everything!

Have a blast!

Nike Athena said...

Enjoy your time in the city! I'm getting the NYC marathon jitters and I'm on the West Coast and only know bloggers running in it. Good luck on Sunday!

Amber said...

You are going to have so much fun! and good luck!

RunningRonald said...

ik zat al zoooooo te wachten op een bericht van je!! Heb zelfs aan twitter Eric gevraagd of hij je gezien had... heel heel heel heel heel veel succes kanjer!!!!! big good luck hug!!

Sean Haubert said...

Good luck today. Be sure to let us know how you did on our Facebook page!

Sean @ NYRR
Social Media Guy

RunToTheFinish said...

ok i've been patiently waiting for the final details... :)

Kevin said...

Did you survive and meet a hot guy?


RunningRonald said...

heeee Chirstel.. waar ben je nu? Tis zo stil hier... ik kijk uit naar je verslag!