Manic Manic Manic Monday - I'm freaking out here!

Busy, crazy busy. Work, work, work (even on the weekend) and packing squeezed somewhere in between. And ofcourse the occasional taper runs. There are just too many things I need to get done before I can leave for New York City. So, I'm pretty much freaking out here. Let's just say that sleeping and eating are a luxury at the moment... I do need to get those carbs in my diet, though... AAAARGH!

The New York City Marathon is in 5 days. 5? Yep, 5! What the heck! At least I packed half of my bag. And I made a list of the things I should not forget. Oh, and I know that I will forget something trivial. Think tooth brush or Ipod. Packed my marathon outfit in my carry-on. The same goes for my running shoes.

And then there is this pile of work that I need to get done...in the next day and a half. Fingers crossed that everything works out.

To calm myself down, I'm just looking for things that will brighten up my day at the moment. Like this new MAC Venomous Villains line. Check it out below: so cute!


Quinton J said...

okay girl...just calm down...simmer down...take it easy - SCRATCH THAT!!!! NY IS 5 DAYS AWAYS FREAK OUT, FREAK OUT, FREAK OUT!!!!!!!

misszippy said...

Once you get on the plane, relax and enjoy! You have a fantastic weather report for the race, btw!

Kevin said...

It's time to FREAK OUT!!



Jen Feeny said...

Just BREATHE!!!! :) You will do great! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Well, you guys, believe me, I'm officially freaking out. As in stressy headache, racy pulse, freaking out!

Anonymous said...

so excited for you, I can't wait for your race recap!

Emz said...

I love the count down. Le Freak, so chic - FREAK OUT!!!! ;)

Kevin said...

@Silly Girl Running - "Stressy headache, racy pulse, freaking out"

Are you sure you were not looking at my Throwback photo again. :-) It has that effect on most women. LOL



RunToTheFinish said...

getting sooooo close that's just crazy and you are so going to do wonderful and have so much fun

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kevin: Hahahahahahaha! Yeah, you caught me. ;)

@ Amanda: I'm freaking out!!!

giraffy said...

I've totally been stalking that Villians line at MAC. Loooooove it.